Facebook will let you create paid subscription links (and charge you 0% fees for it)


So long, 30% Apple fees.

Facebook has announced that you can now create recurring subscription links and accept payments via their platform. Facebook will not collect any fees until 2023, at the earliest.

Why Facebook is doing this: To challenge Apple’s 15-30% fees, of course. Earlier, Apple announced that app makers will be able to contact users about third-party payment options.

Facebook made it abundantly clear that they’re going against Apple by mentioning Apple in their press release and saying they are “addressing the issue” by allowing people to “keep what they earn.”

Don’t just save, but earn: Facebook will also try to (literally) bribe you to join by paying a bonus of $5-20 for each new subscriber you get until the end of 2021. Don’t get any ideas though; this “bonus” is capped at $10,000.

What this means for you: The platform fees race to the bottom is heating up. This is good news for us because it means we can keep more of our money and invest it in growth.

Will we see Apple offer a 0% fee option next?


Snapchat launches a Snap Ads certification program

If you want to master a new acquisition channel but don’t know where to begin, going directly to the source is a good idea.

Snapchat has just made it easier to do this with their platform by launching a Snap Ads certification course.

What is covered: Visualizing campaign data, troubleshooting campaign performance, optimizing performance in-flight, and applying learnings to future campaigns are among the topics covered.

You also have a SkAdNetwork-related section that focuses on Apple’s privacy update.

When you finish, you’ll receive a cool digital certificate that you can show off and earn some coolness points among your fellow colleagues.


You can completely streamline email marketing for your agency clients with this tool


You can tell when software tools are built to solve a specific problem. Those products always seem to have something extra, right? It’s no different with Campaign Monitor and marketing agencies because the company was founded by marketers who run agencies!

And while this platform is used by businesses of all types, including Stacked Marketer, Campaign Monitor has special features that will help your agency attract new clients and retain accounts.

What’s so special?

  • A dashboard that provides a master view of your accounts. You can manage all your clients from one dashboard, without shifting from one window to another.
  • Provide your clients a proprietary experience by giving Campaign Monitor a makeover with your agency’s branding and imagery.
  • Granular user permissions to manage your team members and clients’ access.
  • A billing system that lets you easily set different rates for different clients and charge them in their local currency.
  • Shared automations and templates between all sub-accounts so you can easily reuse them for all clients without any extra work.

Try Campaign Monitor for agencies for free.


Mobile app advertiser? Skip Q4, go hard during Q5


During Q4, all the love goes to e-commerce stores. However, since the BFCM wave will be so big, every advertiser gets impacted by the rush.

Hence, whatever industry you’re in, you should be aware of and prepare for the final months of the year.

If you’re a mobile app advertiser, this Consumer Acquisition post shares some pieces of advice for you:

Slow down during Q4, go hard during Q5: The Consumer Acquisition team constantly sees a 30-40% increase in CPMs between Black Friday and Christmas.

But there’s a decline the day after Christmas: e-commerce and retailers pull back their spending. And after gifts are exchanged, people turn on new phones and load mobile games and apps.

Which apps will have more appeal?  Gaming, entertainment streaming apps, meditation and fitness apps.

What should you do? Lower the budget from Black Friday to Christmas, then raise it during the period that goes from December 26th to mid-January. The Consumer Acquisition team dubbed it the “Q5”.

Bulk up on creative production and testing, so you have performing assets ready to take advantage of the CPMs decline.

Wondering why the CPM decline didn’t happen the past year? Well, because all advertisers wanted to get ahead of the IDFA that was about to be released with iOS14. Hence, almost nobody pulled back their spending to squeeze the lemon while they could.

Travel hasn’t recovered yet: While the travel industry is recovering, it hasn’t gone back to pre-covid times, hence, millions of Americans will avoid holidays and stay at home.

And the ones who travel will opt for local destinations. This is another great chance to target people staying at home or staying in the country.

To cut it short, mobile app advertisers should prepare for the period from December 26th to mid-January as e-commerce advertisers prepare for Black Friday.


Get paid $30k to be a marketer at one of the hottest newsletters in the world


We know you like newsletters. We know you are a marketer. And the hottest newsletter in Canada is looking for you!

The Peak is a Canadian media brand that makes business news fun, with over 40,000 readers every weekday and growing fast.

They are looking for a growth marketing manager: Fully remote (can be anywhere in the world), generous PTO, the option to use co-working space, and more.

See full job details here.


How often to feature products on your e-commerce home page


Here’s an overlooked idea:

How often you feature products on your e-commerce homepage can influence your conversion rate. So can the types of products you feature.

But, first, let’s break this down. There are three main types of content panels you can feature on your e-commerce homepage:

  • Copy and social proof
  • Links to content
  • Products

So we analyzed successful e-commerce sites to learn what the right ratio should be. We found an example of a near-perfect ratio when we analyzed Pete & Pedro, a men’s grooming brand. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Copy and social proof: ~22% of the page
  • Links to content: ~22% of the page
  • Products: ~56% of the page

This ratio (which we could simplify to 20-20-60) is a great one for e-commerce home pages: It gets people to focus on your products while building trust with social proof and content.

It will all depend on the brand, of course, but Pete & Pedro’s ratio is a good one for conversions.


EMAIL MARKETING: A giant responsive email list! You can easily build it using Magazine Gold. They let you offer a full-year subscription to top favorite magazines as a gift to subscribers. Marketers using Magazine Gold experience a double-digit boost in conversions. Grow that list.*

GOOGLE: They finally did  it; Google fixes a glitch with location targeting.

INSTAGRAM: Twitter is getting Instagram cards back. Now, when you share an Instagram link on Twitter, you’ll get a post preview.

GOOGLE: Wanna get more SEO exposure for your videos? Placing them on dedicated pages is Google’s recommendation.

ADVERTISING: Third-parties-posing-as-first-parties is the new “in” in advertising. Google is introducing PPIDs, a “first-party” way for publishers to provide data to the company.

*This is a sponsored post.


When I’m first said, I’m quite mysterious. But when I’m explained, I’m nothing serious.

What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Space tacos


Outer space just got a little more…tasty.

Last weekend, astronauts at the International Space Station dined tacos in space. What made this story really interesting is the fact that all of this food was also grown in space.

The tacos were topped with green chile, which the astronauts grew as part of a project to understand “plant-microbe interactions”.

Not the first time: Astronauts have grown lettuce and radishes in space before. But this is the first time NASA has grown tacos in space.

“And they weren’t bad too,” according to Megan McArthur, an ISS astronaut who described them as the “best space tacos yet”.

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