Twitter wants to become an e-commerce powerhouse


Twitter is launching its shoppable livestreaming product with a bang.

Brand + celebrity: The company has announced that they will host their first ever shoppable livestream with Walmart and Jason Derulo on Sunday, November 28 at 7PM ET (the day before Cyber Monday).

Derulo will host a 30-minute variety show for Walmart, highlighting some of their electronics, apparel, home goods, etc.

Taking shopping seriously: Twitter has also announced that it will expand its “Shop Module” to more merchants in the US in the coming weeks, as well as introduce “Twitter Shopping Manager,” a hub where merchants can manage how they appear on the platform.

Is Twitter going to be the next big distribution channel for e-commerce marketers? Or will these features follow the fate of Fleets? Only time will tell.


Buy-now-pay-later is gaining some serious traction

Pay in installments with no interest. This simple, yet incredibly powerful concept is gaining traction all over the world. Here are some of the headlines from the buy-now-pay-later industry from just yesterday:

  • BNPL is spreading beyond US/Europe: Pace, a Singapore-based buy-now-pay-later provider, has raised $40M in Series A funding.
  • BNPL is being adopted by B2B firms: Slope, a company that offers buy-now-pay-later for B2B, raised $8 million yesterday.
  • Google is dabbling with BNPL: Brian Freiesleben reported that Google is testing the concept of showing a $0 price tag for products that offer a buy-now-pay-later option.
  • Microsoft acknowledges BNPL growth: Microsoft stated in a blog post yesterday that BNPL is “most popular with Gen Zs and millennials and is currently the fastest-growing e-commerce payment method globally.”

What all this means for you: Are you planning to add buy-now-pay-later to your store? Google may “force” you with their $0 incentive if you don’t.

If you’re selling in countries other than the US/Western Europe, there’s a good chance that a dominant player will emerge and enable this option. The future of the BNPL market appears to be bright.


Publish your newsletter, articles, and promotional emails for free if you qualify for this offer


This is what Moosend is about: Premium experience for marketers, brands, and subscribers alike, at unbeatable prices.

Unbeatable prices without compromising on quality: it provides a premium experience, to premium brands such as Vogue, Gucci, and GQ.

Did we mention the rich feature-set you get with Moosend?

  • Advanced tracking methods to take out the guesswork from your emails: You’ll be able to analyze your contacts’ behavior, so it will be easier to get close to them and achieve your marketing goals.
  • Make them feel special: Advanced segmentation features to send the right email to the right audience, at the right time. Even includes weather-based segmentation!
  • Templates specially designed for publishers that will take work off your plate.

Now here’s that offer we mentioned. Do you have less than 1000 subscribers? You can enjoy all these features for free, no CC required.

More than 1000 subscribers? Don’t worry, because Moosend is extremely affordable, without compromising the quality of their features. Check it out for yourself.


A counterintuitive case study of an unknown brand that makes millions of dollars in sales


The common belief is that e-commerce success is all about the product. But marketing peers at Balance of Nature might disagree.

What’s Balance of Nature? A Utah-based health company that sells supplements to help you get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

What do they do differently?

According to Jake Langley, this business is able to rake in $100M by advertising on only one channel.

No, it’s not Facebook or TikTok. They only advertise on Fox News TV ads.

Their website receives 570k visits per month, and it has two main sources:

  • 52.55% of the traffic is direct (People typing Balance of Nature in the search bar).
  • 42.62% comes from organic searches.

This means that people see the TV ads and either call, type in the website, or search on Google.

570k visitors just from TV ads. And this doesn’t either take into account phone calls, which is the main CTA of the TV ads they run.

Why is this interesting?

It shows that you can get success in e-commerce by focusing on your audience first.

Find out an engaged audience → Find out how to reach them → Create a product for them.

Balance of Nature found an alternative channel with a very specific audience. Then sold them a product they would respond to.

Ads on Fox News are the perfect way to reach a specific demographic. And Balance of Nature is taking advantage of it.

What’s the bottom line?

Starting from an audience rather than a product is certainly not a new idea in marketing. Think about Kylie Jenner launching the makeup brand. Or all other influencers launching their own product.

The main point here is finding where a specific audience hangs out and go after them.

However, this can have some disadvantages. New competitors can smell the opportunity and join you, or there’s the risk of depending on only one platform.

But it can be a profitable strategy to start out or expand your sales.


Learn how Square, Digital Ocean, and Spotify create successful video ads


In this short video, Michael Pirone from Vidico broke down the video ads that helped companies like Square, Digital Ocean, and Spotify power up their customer acquisition and retention.

You’ll learn how to hook your audience and keep them engaged. And different video strategies for different objectives and stages of the funnel.

Complete this VidiFit quiz to get a high-level estimation for your next high-performing video ad.


Some of the worst upsells (or cross-sells) The Crew has seen


They’re a must to increase your AOV, and they can always be tweaked… But some are really bad. Here are the 3 worst we’ve seen.

1. No upsell

It’s actually more common than it should be, that some stores don’t have an upsell.

Please have some sort of upsell or cross-sell in your e-com funnel. Goli is a good example (link only for Insights members) for “one product upsells.” It’s rare that you shouldn’t have any kind of upsell as an e-commerce store.

2. Everything

Yes, the opposite is also something we’ve seen. Too many upsells, cross-sells and downsells are extremely bad too. This is how we felt about Snow, who hit us with 6 of them (link only for members), which was almost their entire product list back then.

3. A tip

This was discovered by Tony in our Insights community (link only for members), and it comes from a premium British supplements company who essentially asked for a tip to support the team.

The Crew’s tip: Make sure your upsell is always after the initial item purchase was confirmed. Don’t make people back out of the whole process because of bad upsells.


SEO: One “key” to understanding keywords better is looking at keyword intent. Use the Semrush Keyword Intent metric to discover high-intent buyer keywords, build new keyword lists with intent instantly, break down a competitor’s profile by intent, and check intent in your existing target list. Try it for free.*

NATIVE: Video + native ads = a match made in heaven? Outbrain has acquired Video Intelligence AG, a Swiss-based contextual video technology company.

WORDPRESS: If you have a WordPress site hosted on GoDaddy, change your email. Hackers gained access to the personal information of 1.2 million GoDaddy customers who host WordPress sites on the platform.

TIKTOK: Samsung, LG, and Android TVs. TikTok is expanding its reach to more TV screens.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: If you’re into fashion and influencer marketing, you’ve probably heard of LTK. They’re already big, and they just got bigger by raising $300M from SoftBank.

E-COMMERCE: You know people like your product when they buy shopping bots that track availability and automatically purchase when it becomes available. Some parents appear to do just that for their children’s Christmas presents.

*This is a sponsored post.


What 4-letter word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Hello, hooman. I’m lonely!


Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could (literally) call you when it’s lonely?

A Scottish scientist has developed a device that allows dogs to, well, do just that.

How it works: The device is shaped like a ball. If the dog grabs and shakes the ball, the ball’s sensors detect movement and initiate the call.

It (kinda) works? The scientists at the University of Glasgow tested the device with a labrador named Zack.

At the end of the experiment, Zack made 35 calls in total, averaging five calls per day. If you’re thinking what we are (5 calls a day = bye-bye productivity), we don’t blame you.

In any case, this is an interesting product and hopefully the scientists will refine it so that it is a win-win situation for both the dog and the owner’s sanity (and productivity).

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