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“Facebook is super wonky”


Yesterday, we featured a post that came as a delight to all of us: Facebook is actually working to ensure platform stability during the BFCM days.

However, today we found this Digiday article, which features Ad Buyers discussing the Facebook Ads Manager. As you might expect, it did not shine a positive light on Facebook.

Gil David, comparing his clients’ performance on Facebook Ads Manager year over year, discovered there has been a significant drop in performance, with one down 30% year over year. Yet, it’s not only about the performances.

Well, you can probably guess what these guys are talking about: “What we’re seeing is a constant amount of error messages, error messages for very simple things from just trying to duplicate out ad sets to adjust ad copy within ads. We’re writing out ads, and things just get deleted,” said Stuck. “It’s super wonky.”

Plus, approval times are getting longer.

This is nothing new, but seeing these complaints on such a big publication is very different to just reading about them on Facebook groups. Well, nothing new under Mark’s reign. Facebook is definitely aware of these problems, and it’s also aware that competitors are circling and ready to welcome unsatisfied ad buyers.

Usually, complaining isn’t a constructive activity. Yet, this article might hopefully put more pressure on Facebook.

Yet, we still find ourselves hoping that the post we shared yesterday about Facebook working on their stability will turn out to be true.


Fighting ad fatigue the right way with 4 easy steps

Ad fatigue can be a real problem, especially when you’re scaling hard during the holiday season. However, you can fight it, and we came across a post by Seve Castillo sharing 4 ways to do just that:

+ Add new creatives: Yeah, this is basic for some of you. However, he suggests there’s a proper way to do it:

  1. Duplicate the original ad, don’t create a new ad or ad set.
  2. Change the creative in the new duplicate.
  3. Switch the format from image to video or vice versa.

+ Switch up your targeting: Identify the ad set that is going downhill and duplicate it into the original campaign. What you can do here is:

  1. Test cold audiences with similar interests in your market.
  2. Run different LLAs to cold audiences and work them to the middle of the funnel.
  3. Start testing new video custom audiences with different video view durations.

+ Switch up the campaign objective: This is a different way to fight ad fatigue, which you should actually do in the top of the funnel stage. Changing objective will force your camps to hit a different audience, combatting the ad fatigue.

You can switch optimization event or go for a whole new campaign objective.

+ Change the offer: This is the most radical one. You can fight ad fatigue by pushing another product from your store to the TOF audience.

Alternatively, one thing you could test is a different discount for the same product.

Here it is. Plain and simple, but an effective way to push that CPA down.


📈 Boost your net revenue by up to 30% for life with this done-in-5-minutes upgrade

Come on, who wouldn’t like an extra 30% on their revenue from all their campaigns? Oh, and it’s net, you don’t have to increase your ad spend to get it 😉

This is done by using specialized smart links to increase your average revenue per user. In short, what you do is you show your visitors your main offer and later in the funnel you add YTZ’s smartlink. Some ideas where you can use this:

  • On a “Thank You” page after the user converted on your main offer.
  • As a popunder when a visitor clicks on certain parts of your sales page or website.
  • As a back button redirect when the visitor clicks to go back.
  • When your visitors come from different geos or devices allowed by the main offer.
  • When your main offer hits its cap or pauses.

We’re sure you can think of more options… And it really is that easy with YTZ, just 3 steps:

  • Sign up to YTZ.
  • Get your unique link from your dashboard.
  • Add your link to your tracking software and start sending traffic! (Set-up guides available here).

Their smart link detects the best offer to show a visitor based on metrics such as geo, browser and device to maximize your ROI. This visual explains how it works!

One of the best smart links right now is YTZ’s casino-focused one. Why? Because most of your visitors enjoy the thrill and money and because YTZ focuses on a CPL model instead of CPA.

Why can CPL beat CPA? With a strong brand and the higher CVR of a CPL, the affiliate can optimize faster, increase your EPC and get paid faster!

Are you focused on casino campaigns and want to see the power of CPL? See YTZ’s collection of CPL casino partners right here.

Do you want to add up to 30% net revenue to your campaigns REGARDLESS of what you run? Sign up for YTZ smart link here.


Driving more conversions with Shoppable ads this Q4

Good News! As per this recent Google report, half of today’s shoppers said they’re open to buying from new retailers during the holiday season.

These fresh customers rely on videos and inspirational imagery to help them decide who to buy from. So, with that in mind, Google shared some solutions to help you tap into this audience, create shopping intent and capture the attention of those undecided buyers.

Making YouTube work for you: 75% of shoppers rely on videos for ideas and inspiration for their purchase, and 90% of them discover new products and brands via YouTube.

So, how can you capitalize on it? Shopping Ads on YouTube home feed and YouTube search results allow you to make YouTube more shoppable and extend the reach of your Shopping campaigns.

YouTube audience likes to browse and research products and come across visual Shopping ads based on their interest.

What does this mean? This means if a user shows an interest in running, they could see your ads offering running apparel with different products and prices. So, if you’re already using standard Shopping campaigns and are opted-in to YouTube on Display Network, you can offer them the same experience.

The addition of new and actionable information like tore location, interest forms and calls-to-actions will only serve to drive even more conversions.

Google is also making sitelink extensions available for TrueView for action ads, which will make it easier to navigate additional landing pages such as your holiday catalogs, your store hours, and more.

Beta advertisers with sitelinks showed a 23% increase in conversions.

Driving more conversions with rich imagery: Here’s a fun fact. 85% of users take action within 24 hours of discovering a product.

Using Showcase Shopping ads, which are also expanding to Google Images, will allow your audience to explore your brand and product selection. This also means that, while discovering products, they’ll see your Showcase Shopping ads related to your products with a diverse range of offerings.

In addition, these ads are now expanding to new search categories like beauty and electronics, whereas they’ve mainly been limited to apparel and furniture related searches previously.

Check out this detailed Google post for more stats, insights and details on the checklist this holiday season.


  • SEO: Steven Kang shared a cool tip which allows you to scan through the whole Ahrefs data for a given country by using blank keyword search.
  • FACEBOOK: Yeah, Q4 is already here and our fears are coming true. Major outage was reported by many FB users from the US & UK. Messenger and Instagram affected as well.
  • GOOGLE: This new Google Maps feature will allow users to see local recommendations in the ‘For You’ tab.
  • FACEBOOK: Memes are a cult, especially among the teens, and FB knows this. With Reddit being the Mecca of most viral memes, FB has launched a new app focused on teens & memes to stay cool with younger folks.
  • MICROSOFT: New Ads Editor for Microsoft Ads is out with a new layout and new features, including a new look for the web interface.


Two girls were born to the same mother, on the same day, at the same time, in the same month and year, and yet they’re not twins.
How can this be?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Next Carnival of Venice is underwater?

We hope not… But in case you didn’t know, Venice, the very popular Italian city, is battling some
record floods these days. Not a pretty sight!

It got so bad that the Veneto regional council venue, which is located in Venice, was invaded by water just two minutes after the council rejected proposed measures to combat climate change.

Venice is currently experiencing the worst flooding in over 50 years, bringing the city to its knees.


And they had no one else to blame.

“Never had such a situation occurred here. The flood-proof bulkheads were not sufficient to contain the flood wave, nor was it possible to leave the building…”

The Mayor of Venice blamed climate change for the unusually high tides, and said the flooding was a wound that will leave a permanent mark.


The two babies are two of a set of triplets.

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