New channels from Apple and Microsoft


Cookies and cream, burgers and beer… Good things come in twos.

And marketers have two new ways to get customers…

Apple’s planning push notifications for iOS 16: Looks like Apple will finally introduce push notifications on Safari and other supported browsers.

This means you’ll be able to notify Apple users on new offers, promos, and more via opt-in web alerts.

Microsoft launched Video Ads: The company announced Video Ads format among a number of other updates.

… Oh, there’s a third thing: Microsoft also upgraded Audience ads, letting you add more images, headlines, and descriptions while you let the algorithm mix and match your assets for the best results.

Why we care: As privacy regulations kick in, acquiring new customers is getting more challenging.

Keeping tabs on new advertising channels can help you improve your acquisition efforts.

And while we’re on the subject of acquisition…


Mobile marketers prefer Google and Meta


According to the State of User Acquisition 2022 report, Google and Meta platforms are the prom king and queen when it comes to mobile user acquisition.

Backed by popular demand: The report surveyed mobile marketers working in a wide range of different industries, including e-commerce, fintech, lifestyle, and more.

Here’s what they found:

  • Facebook was still the primary advertising source in 2021, despite the Apple privacy updates. Google came second.
  • However, Google performed the best during Q4 holiday campaigns, followed by Facebook.
  • Facebook and Google were reportedly tied for benefiting the most from budget shifts made after iOS14.5, implying the platforms adapted well to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy.

Third-wheeling it: Apple Search Ads outperformed all social platforms and was only behind the big two, especially when it comes to holiday campaigns.

Also, other reports are saying that iOS opt-in rates are much higher than expected so far… So don’t leave out the Apple users.

… And the wallflowers: TikTok and Snapchat are the best-looking of the remaining top platforms, with 41% users claiming they’ve used the platforms for their acquisition efforts. 26% said Twitter, while only 13% said Reddit.

And who knows… Snapchat might’ve done even better if they had published their best practices a year earlier.

Why we care: If there was any industry that suffered after ATT implementation, it was mobile.

So if mobile advertisers found these channels useful, it means that they’ve adapted to the “new advertising normal.”

Might be wise to follow in their footsteps.


Get tips from world-class e-commerce leaders for growing your business


DTCX4, the largest e-commerce virtual event, is about to take off.

It’s completely free to attend, and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t miss it:

You’ll discover what winning brands are doing to stay ahead of the competition.
E-commerce leaders will unveil the latest strategies, technologies, and trends shaping DTC e-commerce.

Not only that… You’ll get access to la crème de la crème of DTC leadership and get tips and insights for getting more “Yaaas!” from your customers!

Who will you be hanging out with?

  • The keynote speaker is Harley Finkelstein, the President of Shopify.
  • Other top players include Chris Meade, Crossnet Founder, Aaron Spivak, Hush Co-Founder, and many others.

Check out the full speakers lineup here. There’s too many big names and not enough space to feature them!

The event is happening online on June 22 and 23.

Reserve your spot before it’s too late.


3 types of podcast and event guest speakers that drive awareness, build credibility and generate sales


You don’t need popular guests to have a great podcast.

As Amanda Natividad points out in this Twitter thread, there are three types of podcast guests that, while not famous, can lead to valuable shows.

Plus they can save you from big fees, make your audience happy… And get sales in the process.

Let’s meet them:

Innovator: This type of guest is perfect for driving brand awareness.

Whether it’s a founder or a thought leader in your niche, hosting an industry innovator raises the profile of your show.

Moreover, your audience probably already knows the industry innovators, so it’s a chance to drive listeners down your funnel and turn them into customers or clients.

Narrative partner: This guest helps you build credibility.

This is a speaker who can frame a story you’re trying to sell, someone whose story aligns with you and your audience.

Usually they’re someone who’s a few steps ahead in your listeners’ journey.

Your happiest customers: Most podcast guests will give value to your audience. But not all of them will convey the value of your product.

When Amanda led the editorial strategy for Fitbit’s B2B event, she insisted on having an RTA (Regional Transit Authority) speak on the main stage.

RTA is made up of bus drivers who used Fitbit to lose weight and become active, eventually helping RTA save $2.3M in healthcare costs.

That case study was cited for years, despite RSA not being a well known business.

The main takeaway: Don’t get stuck on booking stars or your podcast. Instead, focus on the story they can tell.


“TikTok made me scale it”


TikTok users are buying boatloads of products after seeing “TikTok made me buy it” videos from creators.

… Which means brands are selling boatloads of products.

And now, you can join the trend and scale your business with #paid.

#paid helps you find the perfect creator for your brand, manage the whole influencer campaign from one place, and verify creators with first-party data.

Scale your business with TikTok creators the right way with #paid.


How to get better creative and copy for your ads


It’s easy to get complacent with your team’s work—especially if they’re doing an OK job.

But if you always rely on one agency, one team, or one person, whether it’s for visual creative or copywriting, you might be missing out on extraordinary work.

So instead, mix things up.

Challenge your current creative team by bringing in outside work.

Barry Hott, a long-time marketer, shared this sentiment recently on Twitter as well.

The Crew’s insight: If you have an in-house team or person doing creative work, challenge them by hiring an outside agency to make something similar, and vice versa.

You can even challenge your in-house teams and agencies by creating something on your own.

We don’t believe it’s disrespectful to open the floor up for more opinions. It’s often what generates the best work.


EMAIL MARKETING: Thanks to new tech created by Inbox Mailers, some businesses boost their open rates by as much as 300%. And 3x more open rates potentially means a higher click volume—and more sales! Find out how you can boost your engagement now.*

REDDIT: Celebrate those wins. Reddit is launching a series of videos and case studies to share the stories of businesses who used their platform to grow. Not a bad way to win new customers.

INSTAGRAM: You know how you can pin tweets to Twitter profiles? Looks like you can now pin posts and Reels at the top of Instagram profiles, too. Time to make some first impressions…

AMAZON: Since last week, Matched target reporting is available for Sponsored Display vendors. Amazon says this should help you “break down ad performance based on specific product detail pages your ads appeared on within a specific category.” Nice!

E-COMMERCE: Did someone say crisis? Because it looks like travel brands ain’t feeling it this summer. They’re actually spending more on inventory and brand building—like opening new stores and investing in marketing. Great industry to be in!

TWITTER: Second thoughts. Elon Musk is considering backing down from his Twitter takeover due to a reportedly high number of fake user profiles. Twitter continues denying the fake profile claims, so both sides are currently in a Western-style standoff.

E-COMMERCE: Tasty news for the food industry. Uber Eats is launching a nationwide shipping service that lets you order food from several US cities including Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.

*This is a sponsored post.


I’m so fast you can’t see me, though everyone else can see straight through me. I don’t stop until the day you die.

What am I?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Cat care is weighing down the shipping industry


Know what’s worse than moving a friend’s couch on a Saturday in exchange for pizza… once a month?

Lifting a box of Dr. Elsey’s cat litter.

It weighs 40 pounds, and as it turns out, this hernia-inducing cat litter brand is the worst nightmare of every courier.

There are a few Amazon subreddit threads about it, with one delivery driver saying Dr. Elsey puts cases of water to shame.

So if you ever need a mood lift during a particularly heavy day of marketing, just remember:

At least it’s not cat litter.

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