August 24, 2018


Jeremy Corbyn, UK Labour Party Leader, really knows the best way to handle Facebook 

Whenever there’s some bad news about FB, there’s the “alternative” popping. You just gotta go through our past newsletters and you’ll see.

This alternative is probably hard to beat… Clear gold medal! This is what Jeremy suggests

There should be a publicly funded social media platform, to take on Facebook.

“A BDC (British Digital Corporation, like the BBC) could develop new technology for online decision making and audience-led commissioning of programmes and even a public social media platform with real privacy and public control over the data that is making Facebook and others so rich.”

Because more state surveillance and control is exactly what people want. 

The good thing is this is just a kooky idea from a politician without much grounds in reality.

Alternatives to Facebook are welcome, we just doubt a state-controlled one is really the way to go…

Tim Burd and Depesh Mandalia have a chat

OK, that was all for the silly news, now we go into actually useful info…

Depesh had Tim Burd as a guest in his regular interviews. It was an engaging and actually pretty long one, 1 hour and 20 minutes chat.

Mandatory weekend watch?

They dove into Tim’s early days, how he built his huge Facebook group, his view on the next 6 months for Facebook Ads, certain strategies he uses for FB ads, like surfing, attribution and retargeting, and even some stuff about crypto –  because people asked.

Check out the recording, and ask your questions too! Depesh and Tim will have a look at the comments and answer those that have #replay in them.

Making it easier to build mobile-first video ads

Video ads are certainly a big part of any winning FB strategy these days, and even Facebook knows that.

They’ve provided a few new features that people without any professional video editing skills to do simple but effective mobile-first video ads.

What does mobile first mean? Well, vertical or square format that takes up more of the screen on the mobile apps from Facebook.

Judge FB ads likelihood of success with this advice. 

In this post in the Facebook Ad Buyers group, John Coyle shared his way of analyzing if working with a client is worth it for him or not.

He uses a calculator that takes into account the quality of your offer, time and money investment, the strength of your sales process and lifetime value of a customer, how hard is it to hit your target and how good do you need to be at ads to get the results you are looking for.

John’s calculator is a nice tool to check if it’s worth it or not to start out a new campaign from a relatively objective point of view.

People often times only focus on some parts of the calculation because they love the product they’re trying to sell, ignoring important parts like competition or selling proposition.

The core message is that the best marketing expert in the world cannot keep up with a mediocre ads manager if he doesn’t have a proper product.

A lot of people asked John to share his calculator and he answered the comments by saying he will do that next week, so keep that in mind.

Is advice from FB hired Marketing Experts good or bad?

If you don’t know what a Facebook Marketing Expert is, you probably didn’t run any Facebook campaigns.

They are the Facebook employees that email you after you launch a couple of campaigns and, regardless of how they are doing, they tell you how much better you could be doing.

Then you get on a call with them and they almost read off a script about new formats and features you absolutely must try out because they are just too great!

In other words, they are kind of like salespeople with little or no experience.

And that’s why just about everyone in the Facebook Ad Buyers group said this advice from such an expert is bad.

Tim’s very blunt quote is “Most of this advice is garbage”.


Customer LTV calculator from Dee Deng, and more!

Dee Deng from Right Hook Digital shared his Customer Lifetime Value calculator in this post.

It’s a spreadsheet he shares for free that automatically calculates a bunch of useful numbers after you put in just a few basic metrics.

Well, now you might think that it’s nice to have your numbers presented in a more colourful way, but how do I make more money with that?

At the end of the video, Dee shows how you can filter and segment your customers by metrics like recency, frequency and monetary value.

With this data, you can go ahead and build custom audiences and lookalike audiences of your most valuable customers.

You can also filter for your worst customers or people who are constantly cancelling orders, segment them and use them in custom audiences as well.

He put the link to the calculator in the comments. You just need to download the file since the link brings you to a read-only file. You only need to click “File -> Make a copy” and save it to your own Google Drive folder.


Disrupting the Publisher -> Network -> Advertisers chain.

In these times when all networks bombard you with so-called “exclusives”, it’s nice to have a few of them out there that actually provide something unique.

And Leadbit has shown over the past years that it’s spearheading the transformation of affiliate networks.

They’ve become much more than a network. They’ve built the whole infrastructure – products, offers pages and landers, call centers, logistics, and tracking platforms.

They control and customize this infrastructure, which lets them be super flexible for affiliates, and provide them with the best environment to thrive!

That includes net 0 payments. Sure, they’re not available for everyone, butnot too shabby, if you actually run high volume!

In case you didn’t know, they also just launched their own financial offers so if loans and CC trials are more your thing, they’ve got your back there.

And, of course, you can also get your custom offers from them.

So… Wanna work with some of the best in the biz? Probably yes, right? Then sign up with them right here.

That’s not all though. We did mention they also do conferences, right? No? Well, they do.

And they do a great job at it, so much so that they got the Loz Green and STM seal of approval. Just scroll down on their website, you’ll see it.

A great balance of speeches, meet-market and insane parties like only Russians could throw is what you get from Leadbit conferences.

And the timing is great because their next event is happening in Kiev, on October 3rd.

Just to make it an easy decision for you, Leadbit were so kind to offer WHAT THE AFF readers a 25% discount on affiliate passes for this one, if you grab them until September 10.

Go to the conference website here and use the code WTAFFKIEVCONF in your application form.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Use crypto to pay for “nothing”

The almost-mandatory news about cryptocurrencies – Pornhub partners with PumaPay to accept all sorts of cryptos for the website’s premium options.

The video announcement is definitely a must-watch – it’s just hilarious.

Oh, and guess what this did to crypto prices! Nothing…

It seems we are way past the times when adult industry news affects crypto prices.

Or maybe there are not that many people who pay for such content in 2018…

OK, now go enjoy the weekend.

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