August 31, 2018

Have we mentioned the giveaway?

We’re mentioning it again, in case you missed it. And also updating you on the guest list for the private mastermind dinner the winner will attend.

Drumroll, please…

The first guest is our good friend Paul Jeyapal, CEO and Co-Founder of Synapse Media Group.

Paul is an absolute creative wizard. Whether it’s about angles, copywriting or solving business problems, he always has some really out-of-the-box ideas.

He has also learned how to apply performance marketing in just about any industry… Including the taxi industry. Yep, he owns a taxi company. Fun fact we think.

A speaker at Affiliate World Conferences and Facebook Mastery Live, he’s mastered several traffic sources. After working for a mobile DSP, then starting affiliate marketing, he went through display, pops and Facebook and a bunch in between.

Aside from all that, Paul’s just a super friendly guy who genuinely wants to help ambitious people in the industry.

Paul, a big thank you for accepting our invite!

PS: Everyone, don’t forget to grab your frequent reader bonus entries, and of course, share with your friends to join the giveaway!


Firefox to block tracking by default

Both Firefox and Safari are quite openly against creepy targeting and against tracking users all over the Internet.

With its newest update, Firefox will protect users’ privacy by default. What this means is they will block tracking cookies that stalk people across multiple sites.

You know, the ones advertisers like so much.

Firefox only has about 6% market share when accounting for both desktop and mobile, so while it won’t affect too many of your campaigns right off the bat, this is another clear message for Chrome too.

If privacy becomes more important and Chrome does not bring features to help, Safari, Firefox and, dare we say it, Internet Explorer Edge might become more popular.

Aside from privacy, Firefox wants to stop harmful practices like fingerprinting users without the use of cookies and also clamp down on malicious crypto mining scripts.

Overall, seems good for users, not amazing for advertisers.

Twitter also has a political issue ads policy now

They had the ads all along but they are following the footsteps of Facebook and they’ve created their own policy when it comes to this.

If you’re not aware, “issue ads” is what Facebook calls advertising that has to do with political issues. They are not just election ads, that’s a misunderstanding that’s quite easy to make.

How does Twitter define them?

  • Ads that refer to an election or a clearly identified candidate, or
  • Ads that advocate for legislative issues of national importance.

So if you have ads that have to do with gun control, abortion, immigration, etc., they are all issue ads.

With Facebook, many ads, especially news articles, generated false positives so Twitter will probably be the same.

Not so many affiliates run ads on Twitter like on Facebook, and this definitely doesn’t help.

What this does show, however, is that even newer or smaller platforms are following the rules from the big guys earlier.

It’s not very likely to have a platform where everything is allowed like Google and FB were both in their early days.


4 of our favourite TED talks, and what we learned from them

When you’re chilling on the weekend, we thought these 4 talks might be something you want to at least listen to. We think they’re great, and you probably think the same!

“The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain

What is an introvert? An introvert, as opposed to an extrovert, is someone who gains energy from being on their own, and has to expend energy when around people. They’re not anti-social like some might have you believe.

A good number of people in our industry are introverts. You probably know an introvert and have no idea they’re one!

Back to the talk, Susan Cain breaks down how our society is mostly centered around extroverts (for example, the school system constantly enforcing group work rather than encouraging independent problem solving), often going as far as shaming introverts for not constantly wanting to be around other people.

She nicely advocates the strengths of introverts and implores people to pay attention and respect different people’s different needs.

And if you want to learn more about this, Susan has a great book you can check out.

“Do schools kill creativity?” by Ken Robinson

Raise your hand if you dropped out of school at some point in your life.

The fact is, yes, they do kill creativity. Ken Robinson brilliantly illustrates, how children’s creativity is systematically smothered as they group up in education systems all around the world.

He draws attention to how arts such as music or dance are never given priority in schools, as opposed to languages and mathematics, resulting in billions of people being expected to excel at something that doesn’t align with their natural talents, or never discovering those talents in the first place, thus often harming their mental health and general happiness of life.

It’s also the most viewed TED Talk of all time!

“Your body language may shape who you are” by Amy Cuddy

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy gives a tremendously motivating speech about how your body language if you pay attention to it, can significantly change your life and even your personality.

She shares a trick called “Power Posing”, in which you assume a powerful position (e.g. with your hands wide in the air) for two minutes, which alters your hormone levels (testosterone and cortisol, to be exact) in a way that leaves you feeling more confident.

“How to speak so people want to listen” by Julian Treasure

It’s one thing to speak, but it’s a totally different thing to have people listen to you.

In this presentation, Julian Treasure highlights “The Seven Deadly Sins of Speaking”, ergo “If people aren’t listening to you, these might be your negative habits”.

They consist of Gossip, Judging, Negativity, Complaining, Excuses, Lying, and Dogmatism. In contrast, he accentuates how to give power to your words. He calls it “HAIL”: Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, and Love.

This is not only for speaking on stage but they are useful tips for any situation in which you want to get your message across to others… And that’s like, always?!

Lastly, he demonstrates how to consciously alter your voice, and shows a few simple voice warm-up exercises that are recommended to do before important speeches.

New iPhone pictures leaked

A lot of you probably are eagerly waiting to upgrade to the new iPhone. Well, it’s gonna be introduced on September 12th.

Luckily for you, some things about it have already leaked.

9to5 Mac has the pictures of the so-called iPhone XS and the Apple Watch Series 4.

We’re sure you have the exact same question on your mind.

Should we call it iPhone “excess”? We’re pretty sure Apple will want it to be called iPhone “ten ess” but it’s an X and an S, sooo… Obviously “excess”. Especially if the price will be XS-ive.


Some extra info on FB charging Canadian advertisers GST

If you read yesterday’s newsletter, you saw that Facebook is planning to charge goods and service tax on ads by mid-2019.

Instead of charging everything to Dublin, they will charge locally.

Mike, one of our readers, brought up that we omitted some very important information.

GST is going to be charged locally indeed but businesses can file to claim back any GST they paid, minus any GST they collect. This is somewhat similar to VAT in the EU.

The issue for most businesses won’t be higher ad costs, just some extra headache with paperwork.

This is mostly bad news for individuals who just wanna start running campaigns on the side – they usually will use their private accounts, not established businesses.

If you are an individual running ads, doing everything through your private bank account and all that, you will have to pay this GST and might not be able to claim it back.

Depends on your exact legal status, so talk to your tax consultant to make sure everything is fine.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

It’s no longer unhackable…

Finally, after being metaphorically and literally torn apart by security researchers everywhere, the Bitfi wallet will drop the “unhackable” claim.

As expected, they haven’t paid any of the bounties they promised.

It also shows how good John McAfee is when it comes to recommending crypto products… If his random ICOs shilling so far wasn’t a clear sign, you have this too.

You might wanna see what John does, and do the exact opposite when it comes to crypto.

Speaking of not doing what John does… anyone got money on McAfee’s “BTC will hit $500k or I eat my dick” bet?

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