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MagicAdz unveils the best performing affiliate ads of 2019. Ranking product pages in SERP & going from $6.7k to $11.1k in 3 weeks. David Ogilvy inspired creative framework for crafting high-performing FB Creatives.
[vc_column][vc_column_text] FACEBOOK David Ogilvy inspired framework to craft high-performing Facebook Ads We can all agree on the fact that media buying is not a competitive advantage on Facebook. We rely on algorithmic decisions, making creatives the most important aspect. Okay, not absolutely, but creatives really make a big difference, more so today than yesterday!...
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he Triple Threat FB Ads Strategy: 256K in 30 days. Reverse engineer high-revenue content with SEMRush report of top niches and keywords. Beware of hackers breaking into websites & injecting bad backlinks to game Google.
[vc_column][vc_column_text] INSTAGRAM IG launches the world’s biggest Influencer agency Heading into the last 2 weeks of the new year, and there is big news coming in from Instagram. IG is rolling out a new dashboard called Brand Collabs Manager, a platform that will allow influencers to find and manage deals as well as automatically share insights with the businesses...
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Netting $300k with 1.4B push messages: Ads, landers and offers revealed. 84k e-comm case study with 3x ROAS: All audiences & copies revealed. Paul Jey & Savannah Sanchez's take on hiring a talented media buyer.
[vc_column][vc_column_text] BUSINESS “What if I hire a media buyer and they run away with my campaigns and clients?” If you are managing a team, you’ve probably wondered about this a few times. It was exactly the same for Sam Putnam, who shared his fears in the GEEKOUT EDU group: “Anyone ever hired a media buyer without a non-compete… How did it go?” What’s a non-compete? When...
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Create your own AliExpress alternatives with Alex Fedotoff’s tools & process. Pinterest report reveals the top 100 trends on the emerging platform. Multi-channel Marketing strategy to acquire & retain customers using Chatbots + SMS + Email.
[vc_column][vc_column_text] SEO What you get wrong about keyword cannibalization Keyword Cannibalization, an evergreen debate, huh? There are some misinterpretations around it and it can actually be beneficial for you rather than looking at it as an issue. The discussion has been started by Steven Kang in his group and it gained much attention. Let’s dig into it. As an...
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