Cat Howell unveils her technique to turn your existing customers into ROAS-boosters. WordPress & Wix the slowest CMSs: Results from 5.2M web pages analyzed. Get more data and fight ad fatigue with Savannah Sanchez’s trick.



Cat’s take on getting ready for Q4

Hey yo! Yep, it’s time for another Q4 post. Honestly, we don’t know when we’ll stop bringing you these, but for now let’s just enjoy them and absorb all the juicy lessons!


This time, it’s Cat Howell dropping some tips on getting ready for the hottest time of the year. Shall we look into them?

Let’s go:

Make them think you’re the hot thing: Use October to nurture your avatar: Share tips, listicles, testimonials, UGC, product demonstrations, etc. Be omnipresent. Hit them through different channels and make it impossible for them to forget about you. They will think you’re the hot thing because they see you everywhere.

Get Facebook on your side: Facebook factors for countless variables when deciding whether or not to show your ads to a high-quality buyer or whether to offer these spots to a competitor. However, there are still some variables you can control:

  • Make sure your landing pages/funnel have cookie notices and privacy policies.
  • Provide Facebook with a batch of fresh and relevant creatives at least once per week.
  • Ensuring your funnel load time is under 3 seconds.
  • Make sure you’re posting engaging content on your Facebook page. Considering that FB is looking at your pages, give the posts a boost to drive more engagement.
  • Make sure your payment method on the ad account does not bounce!!!

Manage comments: Responding to the comments on your ads is one of the fastest ways to boost the results of your campaign. If you have too many ads, consider hiring a VA to manage comments.

Leverage existing buyers to boost your ROAS: When you find the best performing creatives, send an email out to existing customers with a link to these ads asking them to leave a review of their experience. Brand loyalists will be happy to do that. You can always offer them a discount or a prize as incentive too.

This juicy social proof will turn skeptical prospects into buyers. Retargeting existing customers with new ads to get social proof is something we already shared. Cat Howell just took this practice one step further: Be forthcoming and reach them out via email.

Finish line. Will this be the last post regarding Q4?

Never! Ah hah hah!

Nonetheless, these posts aren’t just useful for Q4. You can apply this stuff throughout the year and improve your results!


Retargeting Hack from Savannah Sanchez

We’re all familiar with the widespread practice of building Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences from Video Viewers. We also know that you can NOT do the same with Image Ads. No Viewers data for images.

Although, here comes Savannah Sanchez with a workaround that allows you to retarget users that spend time viewing your image, despite FB not providing data on this.

Turn your static images into 10-second videos, where the video is just the image. Then, you can retarget people who have watched at least 50% of your video. So, people who spent at least 5-secs watching your photo and (in all likelihood) reading the text.

This practice has some positive sides: You build a new source of data, it helps you combat ad fatigue while still gathering data, and creating an image takes way less time and resources than a video.

Though, it’s worth noting that there are some downsides to this, which came out in the discussion under Savannah’s post.

The audiences you’re building have a slight interest in your product, but according to Savannah is still good to gather as much data as you can, especially during BF.


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Analyzing page speed: Case study of 5.2M desktop and mobile pages

What does your website load speed look like? Do you know the impact a 1-second reduction in website load time has on your sales and conversions?

Brian Dean from Backlinko conducted this study, where they analyzed over 5M desktop and mobile pages to granularly understand the critical factors responsible for page speeds.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the findings of the case study:

  • Interestingly, the average TTFB (Time to First Byte) speed is 1.286 seconds on desktop and 2.594 seconds on mobile.The average time it takes to fully load a webpage is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile. That’s a huge amount of time fellas, gotta work on it.
  • The average web page takes 87.84% longer to load on mobile compared to desktop. Remember, mobile is where the majority of your audience hangs out.
  • Surprisingly, when major CMSs were compared, Squarespace and Weebly have the best overall mobile page speed performance. Wix and WordPress ranked near the bottom.


  • On desktop, CDNs have the biggest impact on TTFB. However, on mobile devices, the number of HTML requests seems to affect TTFB the most.
  • Page size has a significant impact on desktop and mobile “Visually Complete” loading speed. Larger pages were found to take 318% longer to visually load compared to smaller pages. gzip compression was found to help images load more quickly on both desktop and mobile.
  • Total page weight is the number 1 factor for determining Fully Loaded page speed. Light pages fully load 486% faster than large pages.
  • Wink and Gatsby are the fastest Javascript frameworks. Meteor and Tweenmax are the slowest. The fastest framework is 213% faster than the slowest.
  • Pages with very low or very high file compression have above-average page speed performance (measured via First Contextual Paint).
  • Third-party scripts significantly slow down the page loading speed. Each third party script added to a page increases load time by an average of 34.1 milliseconds.
  • Using responsive images result in the best overall image loading performance. Use of WebP was significantly less effective at reducing image load times.
  • GitHub and Weebly web hosts have the fastest overall TTFB Performance. Siteground and Wix are the slowest among the hosting providers that we analyzed.
  • China, Japan, and Germany have the fastest TTFB loading times. Australia, India and Brazil have the slowest.
  • CDN usage directly correlates with reduced page speed performance. This is because certain CDNs perform significantly better than others.

Interested to get into the nitty gritties? Check out the detailed case study here.



  • GOOGLE: You can now include user-generated images in your product review feeds in order to show potential customers photos of your products taken by existing customers.
  • INSTAGRAM: Stories Ads are still on the rise, and if you’re looking for some tools to up your game, here’s a list of 9 apps to create better Stories Ads.
  • QUORA: Looking to break into Quora’s space? Here are 15 statistics that help marketers access the audience compatibility of the platform.
  • YOUTUBE: This new Instant Review tool in Google Ads allows advertisers to reserve ad space on a 120 day-rolling window via an automated process with no minimum spend.
  • SEO: An all new content submission pilot on Bing allows you to submit full content and images to the search engine rather than just the URLs. This will help Bing to see your content without actually crawling it.
  • FACEBOOK: How many Pixel events do you need to start building LLAs? Here’s a list of 100+ LLAs idea based on the Pixel events you have.


You use a knife to slice my head,
And weep beside me when I’m dead.

What am I?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Wake up, motherf**ker!

Imagine waking up to an alarm in the morning with “Given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it”.

Or hearing jokes like “This party’s over”. Well, the show must go on, right?

Or setup a timer which says “First, we’re going to seal off this pool”.

What are we talking about? This tasty new update from Amazon, of course – Amazon Echo users can soon replace the voice of Alexa with Samuel Jackson.

Thanks to neural text-to-speech technology, which can mimic celebrities’ voices, Sir Jackson will be one of the first celebrities whose voice will be available on Amazon’s Alexa.


Its costs $0.99 and comes in two versions: explicit and non-explicit.

Amazon says Jackson will be able to “tell you jokes, let you know if it’s raining, set timers and alarms, play music and more — all with a bit of his own personality,”

Considering the cut-throat competition that the voice industry faces, this sounds like an innovative approach from Amazon Echo to try and get ahead of the likes of Google and Apple.

Especially when there are now 100M devices equipped with Echo speakers, which Amazon first rolled out five years ago.

Do you guys think we should do an audio version of our newsletter with Samuel L Jackon’s voice? Or maybe you guys would prefer Gary Vee? Actually, we are not doing either.



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