You’ll be missed, Analytics


For years, marketers have used Facebook Analytics to analyze audiences, funnels, and more. Starting on 30 June this year, that will no longer be possible.

The change was announced in a blog post from Facebook yesterday. If you want access to the data that’s currently available, you’ll need to export it to your desktop before the end of June.

What it means: If you’re currently using Facebook Analytics to break down your funnel or research for campaigns, you’ll have to find an alternative by the early summer.

As Facebook notes in their post, there are other places where you can find statistics about your audience, like Business Suite and Ads Manager.


Clubhouse has another competitor


Since the popular launch of Clubhouse (on iOS, at least), there have been plenty of competitors trying to get into the market.

Spotify threw their hat in the ring yesterday, when news broke that they’d acquired an audio conversations app called Locker Room. Here’s how it differs from Clubhouse, and whether there are opportunities for marketers:

  • The Locker Room app was focused on sports, but that’s changing. The app is reportedly getting a rebranding overhaul, and Spotify plans to launch it as an all-inclusive audio chat app.
  • It’s separate from Spotify, for now. The chief R&D officer at Spotify, Gustav Söderström, told The Verge that the two apps are staying separate. But, he didn’t rule out the possibility of Spotify integrating audio chat features in the future.

The Crew’s take: Unlike some of the knock-off Clubhouse competitors out there, Spotify is a big presence and could likely drive a big audience to the app in a short amount of time. If that happens, there’s no doubt it’ll be an interesting place to explore marketing options.


Less than 12 hours left at $49/month!


It’s the last day to grab an Insights subscription for $49/month using the code STACKED49. You’ll already find:

  • The deep dive on Snow, a direct-to-consumer teeth whitening brand. It’s 150 pages of teardowns, swipes and analysis. From product pages, to influencer campaigns, ads, emails (pre- and post-purchase), it’s all there.
  • Recordings of our weekly live Q&As. We’ve had Chase Dimond, Rutger Thole, Jim Banks and our own Manu so far.

During your first month in April, you can also expect:

  • Our deep dive on Morning Brew (published tomorrow!), a 2.4M subscriber newsletter business. It’s really the best newsletter growth playbook we’ve seen. You can check out the preview for it here.
  • One live Q&A every week with a new expert. Already confirmed are Christina Szekeres, an expert on FB ad accounts (ban issues, anyone?), Savannah Sanchez, an absolute master at UGC-style videos and Nick Shackelford, a FB marketer that works with some of the hottest DTC brands out there.

If you subscribe to Insights today using the code STACKED49, your membership is only $49/month as long as you keep it active. You can cancel any month, no long-term commitment. If you run into any issues with the code, let us know!

A subscription to Insights includes:

  • At least one new deep dive every month.
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Writing emails that people want to read


Chase Dimond took to Twitter to share a list of 10 email marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Some of them, you may have heard of. Others may be less known, so we decided to expand them:

  • No personality in your email: Adding your personality – or your brand’s – to your messages is what separates you from the other three thousand companies emailing your prospect.
  • No compelling story: This point strengthens the previous one. Not only do stories allow you to communicate your personality, but they’re entertaining, spike emotions and allow you to build empathy with the reader. Pure, cold, emotionless content is boring.
  • Being too educational: Master the art of soft-teaching and soft-selling. Being too educational can bore your readers. Plus, revealing all your information leaves no space for curiosity. And curiosity is what can help you sell or make them take action.
  • Being too salesy: You want to be a welcome guest in your people’s inbox. You probably wouldn’t invite a pushy salesman into your house to have coffee. In the same way, people won’t read your emails if they know you’re going to sell something.
  • No humor: Try to always include something funny in your content. You don’t need to be Kevin Hart to do this. Just be lighthearted and don’t take yourself too seriously. Try taking a common problem or pain point in your niche, and turning it into a joke. Don’t be like Zuck in a Congress hearing – be like Elon on the Joe Rogan podcast.

The last point and that summarizes everything said up until here is: You want to trigger emotions.

This may seem hard to do. But think about the iconic TV series “Friends”. They’re average people, leading average lives, dealing with everyday problems. Still, people love them. It’s almost a piece of our culture.

It’s because the characters are funny, have their own precise personalities. And people identify with them.

Try to foster the same feeling in your emails.


YOUTUBE: The platform is starting to test videos without a visible dislike count.

FACEBOOK: Here’s a helpful checklist for managing your Facebook campaigns. If you’re running into some problems, give this list a glance.

SEO: Google has expanded their Core Web Vitals FAQ. Check out their complete new document if you’re looking for some clarification before the big update.

LINKEDIN: If you’re looking to spice up your profile, LinkedIn just added some nice new features.

GOOGLE: For the first time, Google is testing its FLoC technology – a replacement for cookies – with third parties around the world.

FACEBOOK: There’s a new update for Groups that lets admins slow down commenting on posts.

SQUARESPACE: If you weren’t able to access Squarespace, you weren’t the only one. The site was down yesterday, displaying the message “This site has been deleted by the owner.” *Narrator voice*: It wasn’t.


It’s the only place in the world where today comes before yesterday. What is it?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

And now our watch begins


Gear up, Game of Thrones fans: More content is heading your way.

News recently broke that a new Broadway show is being developed in the Game of Thrones universe, set 16 years before the show takes place.

It’ll give fans a chance to (possibly) see some of their favorite characters return, albeit played by different actors.

And the business side of things… HBO’s got plenty of plans. George R.R. Martin just inked a five-year, eight-figure deal with HBO to help create new content. (Who else wants to be a fantasy author now?)

As the saying goes, in business and almost everywhere else: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And in this case, there’s still plenty of demand for GoT content.

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