Decoding your FB Ad Quality: Cheat sheet to bump conversions up. COD + Specialized E-commerce Funnels built in a few clicks: Easy way to market to Eastern Europe & SEA. FB removes the functionality to use Instant Experiences with Lead Forms.



Sorry! We were drunk!


Joking! But yesterday we were so excited to share those email deliverability slides with you that we ended up putting the wrong link in the wrong place. That’s why you were redirected to the wrong page!

Honestly, it wasn’t a bait to get you in our referral program! We were just distracted…

Anyway, here are the slides from Manu’s speech at India Affiliate Summit ’19!

Cheerio! Here’s hoping that more robots replace us humans and our mistakes!


3 new updates rolled out for the native Messenger app

Pronto! Since Conversations2019, we’ve published a ton of updates for the ever-popular ManyChat platform.


But this time, we’ve got some cool updates that are being rolled out to the native FB Messenger itself. After all, Messenger is the core platform that all these chatbots integrate with in order to make their automation environment work like magic.

So, let’s quickly dive into them:

Private Replies: Previously, Private Replies only allowed plain text messages to be sent. Not anymore! You’ll now be able to send images and templates, as well as quick replies as in your messages.

Dynamic Persistent Menu and Composer: Making it easier to send personalized communications for businesses, this beta feature allows apps to dynamically change the persistent menu and the visibility of the composer, providing relevant menu options at different points in the customer journey. Are you a developer or a partner? More food for you here.

URL Buttons with app link support: New and improved mobile integration capabilities in Messenger with this introduction of App link support for URL buttons.

What does this mean? When users click a URL button with the App Link metadata, it will allow you to provide a button that will directly open the target native app.

Developer opt-in to change log notifications: Boring one, we get it, but your developer will find it interesting. Why? Because they will now be able to subscribe to email notifications for Messenger Change log.

Well, the updates in the world of chatbots are coming thick and fast at the moment. More power to you guys!


Why are your ads not converting? …Why?

Let’s do some troubleshooting with Alex Fedotoff. According to him, your ad quality is the most important factor today that influences your conversion rate. So, in this post he runs us through how to judge if your creatives are good enough or not.

+ Frequency: A frequency of 1 means that your audience is too large and your budget too small.. You’re leaving money on the table. This is what you should aim for:

  • Cold audiences: Set up your budget and audience size to achieve a frequency of between 1.1 and 1.5.
  • Warm audiences: The number to aim for here is between 2.0 and 3.0.

+ Ranking: This includes Quality ranking, Engagement rate ranking and Conversion rate ranking. The goal for all three is at least average level.

+ Major KPIs:

  • CTR: Keep this factor at 3% or more.
  • CPC: Make sure you don’t pay more than $1 for each unique user visit to your landing page.
  • CPM: Ideally, you should keep the CPM below the average price of 1 item you’re trying to sell with your ad.

+ ROAS: First thing you should do is to determine your break-even ROAS, so you’re not losing money on advertising. Then, you can work your way up from there.

+ Visual-Relevant-Valuable-CallToAction: Once you create an ad ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it visual? Does it stand out and grab attention?
  • Is it relevant for your audience?
  • Is it valuable?
  • Does it have a clear CTA?

That’s everything. Obviously, the quality of your creatives isn’t the only thing that matters, but getting them right is definitely a good starting point.


🧞‍♂️ COD and specialized e-commerce funnels built in a few clicks without coding skills are the combo you are missing out on!

Let’s first explain what COD means… It stands for Cash On Delivery and it’s a rather straightforward payment method. People order and then pay the delivery company in cash once they receive their product.

The biggest advantages of this?

  • Your merchant accounts don’t get banned.
  • More markets, especially those where online payments haven’t taken over yet, like Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.
  • Move away from fighting windmills in the same ol’ USA geo that everyone is in.
  • Your conversions come faster in the form of leads, so you can optimize your campaigns quicker.
  • No roadblocks to start your business, you can get going right away…

… especially if you use something as simple as Funnel Genie. This is the easiest drag and drop website creator, with over 1,000 happy users already. Here’s what else you need to know about it:

  • Optimized loading speed so your pages are blazing fast.
  • Easy Shopify integration with a click of a button so you can use your funnels to sell your Shopify products.
  • Dozens of high-converting ready-made e-commerce templates.
  • Conversion boosting 1-page checkout.
  • Lead-capture with simple 2-step form.
  • Up-sell, cross-sell and down-sell to increase average order value.
  • Abandoned cart recovery email integrated.
  • Integration with all major merchants, including high-risk processors and COD.

Funnel Genie is the only platform that pays you for generating eCom Leads. Funnel Genie is the revolution.

Try Funnel Genie for free right here.


IG gives itself a handful of booster packs

Our favourite social platform, Instagram, is going through some dark times right now.

No, we don’t mean in terms of business! It’s flourishing in that respect.

They are literally going dark, announcing the launch of a brand new dark mode!

For users who have updated their app and enabled dark mode, a sleek and true black theme will automatically appear on their devices.

This dark mode functionality is compatible with the latest OS such as iOS 13 and Android 10 and is rolling out this week.

The only minor annoyance is that, for now at least, it won’t allow you to toggle the feature on and off in Settings.

What about the other IG updates? Glad you asked!

  • A new, anti-phishing element, with a listing of any and all official emails sent to you by Instagram now being available in-app.

This means that when you get those stupid emails prompting you to take any action with regards to your Instagram account, you can check in-app whether this is a legit notification from Instagram or just another scam. If you are a geek, you probably already know other ways of figuring this out on your own.

  • It is also looking to bring direct Messaging to the web app, making it more widely accessible and bringing specific benefits for those nomad marketers who don’t want constant mobile connectivity. Or those who smash through their data allowance… Thanks Jane 🙂

This makes perfect sense, and considering the launch of recent Threads app it means that the platform is looking for more ways to facilitate direct interaction.


  • GOOGLE: Google announces more controls, new reporting features and the ability to automatically turn on auto ads in all AdSense accounts.
  • FACEBOOK: Facebook is testing a new set of layout options for multi-image posts. It would allow users to choose different presentation styles for their images.
  • PINTEREST: Want to run effective ad campaigns on Pinterest? Here’s a newly launched educational resource from the team at Pinterest itself. Start here.
  • SEO: Moz announces the launch of Domain Analysis, a free tool that provides an overview of SEO metrics for any domain.
  • GOOGLE: Google announces a privacy-safe approach for ad frequency for 360 advertisers. It uses machine learning to analyze traffic patterns when third-party cookies are available and builds models to predict patterns when a cookie isn’t present.
  • FACEBOOK: FB removed the feature that enables the combination of Lead Forms paired with Instant Experiences. As a consequence, some advertising goals changed as well.
  • QUORA: Keyword history targeting, browser targeting and gender targeting now available on Quora’s ad platform. Time to get creative.


Which seven-letter word contains dozens of letters?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

God, guns ‘n’ Merica

“Buy a vehicle at Carolina Ford, get a Bible and an AR-15.”

For those who don’t know, an AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle, and this is definitely the best deal you can get on Facebook!

It’s a campaign launched by a South Carolina car dealership:

“For the months of October and November, Carolina ford will be giving away a Bible, an American Flag and a Smith & Wesson AR with every vehicle purchased!!!!”


Maybe you think this is awkward, but to us it just shows that they know their customers’ interests and passions!

You’re marketing to South Carolina? Give your clients guns and religion!

How about Italy? Give your customers good wine and mommy-baked spaghetti.

Your geo is Brazil? Soccer and churrasco will do the trick!

India? Offer them cashbacks and IPL tickets.

We’re sure that if you offer these deals during the BFCM, your competitors have no chance of coping with you!



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