Instagram will finally allow you to post from your desktop


Instagram will allow anyone globally to post photos and videos from their desktop browser. And you will be able to use this feature sooner than you think: tomorrow (October 21st).

If you are a social media manager who’s tired of switching between desktop and mobile for posting, we won’t blame you for feeling like a kid at Christmas time right now.

Collabs: Instagram will also test a “Collabs” feature, which will allow two accounts to collaborate on a post. The published post will be visible to both sets of account followers and will also include shared metrics.

Insights: Instagram has also announced Instagram Insights, a set of metrics that will help you understand:

  • Who is engaging with your content by displaying demographic data such as top cities, top countries, age ranges, gender, and whether the accounts were followers or non-followers.
  • Information about your reached audience. Facebook will display the same demographic information about the accounts you’ve reached as well.
  • Performance of branded ads. If a brand uses the paid partnership label to promote a creator’s post or creates an ad, the creator will be able to see the ad’s performance (with metrics like reach, likes, comments, shares, and saves).


YouTube is getting into shoppable live streaming

It was only a matter of time.

Google just published a blog post titled “What’s next for YouTube.” It’s all about live shopping.

Arriving at bigger creators first: YouTube will first work with larger creators such as Simply Nailogical and Hyram to test out their live shopping features.

YouTube Holiday Stream: Beginning November 15th, YouTube will host a week-long live shopping event, again with larger companies like Samsung, Verizon, and Walmart.

When will we, us “regular shmegulars,” have access to this? For now, anyone can live stream on YouTube. We expect the company to start adding shoppable features to live streams through 2022.

The Crew’s take: First, it was Instagram. Then TikTok. And now YouTube has added shoppable live streams. As things stand, shoppable live streams may very well be the next major content marketing format for e-commerce companies in 2022. Prepare yourself.


Making ~$100,000 per month with this niche idea


Yes, $100k/month – with no-code tools and by targeting certain niche markets.

What’s the business type? Job boards.

Listen up. There are three types of people: those who underestimate how hard it is to start a job board, those who *overestimate* how difficult it is, and those who read this priceless deep dive by Trends who know exactly what to do to start a niche job board that makes 7-figures a year.

This deep dive from Trends will show you why niche job boards are an underserved market. It will explain the growth strategies for the business. It will dig into various monetization models.

It will show you how smart founders are making $100,000/month from niche job boards with no-code tools.

Spoiler: One of the keys to this is the ability to bring traffic to the website. Which is exactly a marketer’s biggest strength.

Check out how Trends breaks down this awesome biz opportunity.


31 email marketing tips to apply right now


Chase Dimond made it into the Stacked Marketer newsletter again.

He turned to Twitter to share 31 email marketing tips to help you pull more smackeroos from your list.

And we are now turning to you to report them. Let’s see if we have enough space to include all of them…

– Grow your swipe file: Create a separate email address and subscribe to every newsletter and brand in your space. This way you’re building a swipe file of subject lines, sequences, and copy to take inspiration from.

– Use subject lines to break the pattern, not to sell: When they see your subject in their inbox, you want them to think “Wait, what?”

– Consistency is king: It’s better to regularly send decent emails rather than send an irregular stellar email.

– If nobody unsubscribes from your list, you’re losing money: Unsubscribes mean you aren’t a fit for everyone. And that’s great. It means you’re polarizing.

There are people who don’t like you. But there are ones that love you. And these are your loyal – and big spender – customers.

– Before sending an email, read it out loud. If it doesn’t sound human, rewrite it.

– After someone buys from you, you have two tasks to accomplish: Make them feel their purchase was valid and sell them something else.

– You need sleep, automations don’t: Create automated welcome flows, purchase flows, and abandonment flows.

– Segment anyone: Clicks, purchases, opens. Every action can be used to segment subscribers. The more you know about them, the better you can sell to them.

– Build a relationship with your subscribers: To accomplish this, offer them knowledge, guidance, and offers.

– Get to the point: Why should I open your email? Why should I read your email? Why should I click on it?

We tried, but there was just too much goodness to fit it all in. If you enjoyed these tips, you can find more of them here.


Step by step guide to repurpose your social ads to native instantly!


44% more trustworthy than social. 21% higher CTRs. 24% more likely to drive purchases.

Native ads are a hell of a channel. This free guide will show you how to repurpose your social ads to native and reach new untapped audiences with the least amount of work possible!

Right on time for the peak shopping season of Black Friday and the winter holidays.

Download the free guide right here.


Examples of good thank-you pages

When analyzing funnels for our deep dives, we ran into a few good pages that have at least one element you might want to add to your thank-you page.

1. How did you hear about us?

We like how PEEL executed this. The page still contains the order info but you also have the option of selecting how you heard about them.

In a period where attribution is harder, this is almost a must-have for most brands.

2. Share with friends and get a discount

Goli uses this pop-up to encourage buyers to share Goli’s products in exchange for a coupon. You instantly turn your customers into ambassadors. It might feel a bit tacky to do it on the first purchase, but it’s a must test…at least for repeat buyers.

3. Next steps

This one is more flexible and we like the example from LadyBoss, a women’s weight loss brand.

Whether the next step is to join a Facebook Group, install an app, or sign up for an SMS list, just make sure you have it on your thank-you page. That’s when you’ll want to engage your audience the most.


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YOUTUBE: People may spend the most time on TikTok, but they spend the most money on YouTube, according to AppAnnie.

GOOGLE: It’s been a while. Google search rater guidelines have been updated after a whole year. Let’s hope we get our hands on a copy soon.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Who’s the coolest kid on the block? TikTok just created a mini-directory of their most influential creators.

TWITTER: Where should you advertise your holiday deals? Twitter has some interesting stats to get you to try it out.

MICROSOFT: More specialized ad formats are coming to Microsoft Ads. This time, it’s health insurance ads.

AMAZON: The government hates us, but our sellers love us. Amazon published a report on the vast amount of sellers that thrive on its platform.

*This is a sponsored post.


Which of the following words don’t belong in the group and why? CORSET, COSTER, SECTOR, ESCORT, COURTS

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

This country will replace car horns with the sounds of musical instruments


Welcome to India, the country of huge traffic and lots of honking. Some people say, “If you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere.”

It looks like India’s Union Road Transport Minister wants to make driving a little less stressful for the population, so he enacted a rule to make vehicle horns sound like…musical instruments?

That’s right!

The goal is to “make vehicle horn sounds more soothing.” So instead of a horn, you might hear the sound of a violin, tabla, flute, or harmonium.

We’re not sure if playing Beethoven’s 5th for someone who just cut us off will be very helpful, but who knows?

It’s probably better than nothing.

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