Dim Niko unveils his simple hack to reduce your CPA by over 60%. FB Ads can’t target Page fans anymore? Google hammer makes Bing lose 4M searches overnight.



How to drop your CPA by more than 60%. No more targeting Page fans

Dimitri Nikolakakis shared a simple shift in strategy that allowed him to half his CPA and helped scale his business.

FB removes the ability to target people that like your page.

How to lower down your CPA and increase your chances of scaling

On Wednesday, we talked about hitting your prospects with different types of content depending on their stage of awareness.

Now, we bring you a case study that talks exactly about that!

It was shared by Dimitri Nikolakakis, and he explains how he was able to drop the CPA for one of his client’s account from $65 to $25.

The business is about supplements for children.

The company was spending $2k/day on ads, but the ROAS never became positive. Their CPA was up at $65; well above their target.

The problem: The product converted well for those who were already looking for a solution to their problem, but it did not appeal in any way to those who were unaware they needed the product. Even if it was a perfect fit for them.

How was this problem diagnosed? The Lookalike audiences were converting well, but the Interests based audiences were struggling.

How did they solve this to drop the CPA by $40? Creatives!

They crafted creatives that identify and aggravate the problem these prospects are facing, and then present the solution.

The video followed this process:

  1. Clearly identify the problem.
  2. Agitate the problem. Draw it out and press on the pain points.
  3. Present your product as a solution to this problem.

This switch in creatives meant that the products now appealed to people that would buy the product, but weren’t actively looking for it.

And most importantly, it made drop the CPA from $65 to $25, making their campaigns ROI-positive on the front end.

Small shift, big results, eh?

FB removing the ability to target your Page fans?

We did not find any official source for this, but the news is that FB now doesn’t allow you to target your Page fans with ads.

Though, you can still create an audience based on the page engagements. So, you can target people who already engage with your page and posts, but not the ones that only liked your page.

Well, if this rolls out globally it will be very difficult to reach your fans.

Considering the almost non-existent organic reach, this update could make reaching out to your Page fans something like the next Mission Impossible.


Automated chat released

New updates for the bot marketing geeks: Automated Chat.

FB already announced it at F8, but now it’s released the feature officially. Daniel Pikl first shared the news in the ManyChat Community FB group.

You can now set things like: City, Gender, Phone Number, ZIP Code, State, Country, Email, Job Title, Company Name, etc.

You simply set an option, and FB builds the chat.

Small but useful update.

However, some bot marketers said that it’s still better to build flows through chatbot platforms.

Let’s see if this feature will take off…


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Lead Form Ads on YouTube

LinkedIn has announced new features for its revamped Campaign Manager, with the aim of offering a full funnel experience for advertisers on its ad platform.

Here are the new updates:

Brand Awareness campaigns – A top of the funnel campaign option to help advertisers increase their “share-of-voice” on the platform. You will be charged on a CPM basis for these campaigns.

Website conversions – An enhanced integration with their conversion tracking tool to help you run campaigns optimized for specific actions on your website, such as purchases, downloads or event registrations.

Ads for Talent Solutions customers – The ability for HR and recruitment professionals to run ads aimed at generating more completed job applications via either LinkedIn or their own websites.

Optimized click pricing – If you select “website visits” as your objective, you will only be charged for clicks that take users to your landing page.

For social engagement campaigns, you will be charged based on social engagement with the ad, such as likes, comments, shares, etc.

Over the last year, LinkedIn has added several new advertising features to its platform. This new addition is more focused on creating an objective-based ad platform.

“Objective-based Buying generated 300% more sign-ups than standard bidding over an equivalent amount of time.”

Over the last few years, YouTube has been working hard to mould its ad platform into something that appeals to all types of businesses.

Whatever your objective is, there is now an ad format to suit your needs. To list them, you have skippable in-stream, bumpers, non-skippable in-stream, outstream, discovery, ad sequence, and TrueView for Action campaigns.

One of its latest additions is YouTube for Action, which allows you to reach out to your audience based on YouTube’s intent signals.

You can drive conversions with ad formats optimized for action, such as the Lead Form Ads.

These ads help you generate leads using in-line form submissions, meaning that users don’t have to leave YouTube to complete a form fill. Just like FB lead ads.

PS: Currently, you need to be whitelisted by Google to use this.

What info can you gather using these Lead Form Ads?

You can gather users’ name (first and last name), email, phone number, and zip code. If you need more info to qualify a lead, then this is not recommended for you. Google doesn’t currently offer much customization to these Lead Forms.

How can you access your Lead Form data?

By default, leads will be stored within the Google interface for up to 30 days and you can manually access this data. However, you can also use Google’s webhook solution API to feed it directly into some popular CRMs like SalesForce.

Finally, before you get started with these ads, know that you cannot copy/paste Lead Form Ads across new or existing campaigns.

If you want to create dozens of new YouTube for Action campaigns with Lead Form Ads, you will have to manually create each individual campaign, rewrite the ad copy for the Lead Form Ad and add in the video asset each and every time.

So yes, it’s currently a tedious and lengthy process that involves whitelisting at Google’s end and a lot of manual work. More importantly, you need to have budgets to make all these efforts worth your time.

Although, if you do have the time, effort, and money to spare, they can be very valuable. In fact, Connor from PPCHero expects them to be the “Next Big Thing” to come to YouTube.

Better test your hand at the manual transmission and you’ll be a pro at driving an automatic one.


Two updates related to Referral traffic from Google

The first one is about Google’s referral traffic to Bing, which is going to be stopped. The second one concerns Google News publishers.

Let’s have a look at what Google has planned for Bing.

No more referral traffic to Bing’s “Discover”

Google has been sending a significant amount of referral traffic to Bing’s Discover section over the last year. In fact, it jumped to over 4M visits per month.

However, the Discover section has now been virtually de-indexed by Google.

Why did this happen?

Well, Bing’s discover section is basically just another set of search results, and Google doesn’t particularly like linking to search results pages from other platforms as it considers them low-quality content.

Will this affect you?

If you have been receiving good amount of traffic from Bing’s image search over the last few months, consider it gone. We don’t foresee any other implications.

New card layout on desktop search results

Google is rolling out a new design for the Google News search results for desktop.

The existing format of showing clusters of news stories will be replaced by a single featured story in a card-like result.

And, to be fair to Google, it definitely looks way cleaner than before.

Basically, this new design features a single news story and doesn’t show alternative sources from other news publishers.

Will this affect you?

Well, if you are a Google News publisher you may notice either an incline or a decline in users coming from News.

Previously, Google used to display a lot of stories, which resulted in shared click distribution for news publishers. But with this new design, the single story shown in the card will now get all the clicks


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Robots taking over Las Vegas!

The robot revolution is getting closer and closer.

Bots are already dominant in many industries, and now they’re taking over in a field that requires high levels of strategy and a lot of psychology.

We are talking about poker!

FB has built the ultimate AI poker player. A bot that is able to beat a pro poker player in a head to head match.

However, this one can even destroy the puny humans in a 6 person game. It’s name is Pluribus.

Pluribus has defeated 5 pro-players at no-limit Texas Hold’em poker.

If they were playing for real money, the bot would have made $1k/hour!

Not bad for a day’s work, right?

We can already imagine Pluribus in Las Vegas, surrounded by robo-chicks and stacking those benjis!

Viva Las Vegas!

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