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How to target your competitors’ audiences with Yahoo Gemini


Do you have a proven Facebook Ads campaign but now want to expand on this success elsewhere? You can do it! Even better, you can do it by hitting your competitors’ customers.

David O’Connell shared this post as a solution to those of you who are tired of relying solely on Facebook for gaining new customers.

Looks interesting, right? Let’s see how to do it.

First of all, this isn’t a post about an email campaign to monetize your list. Rather, you’ll be buying email traffic from Yahoo Gemini and targeting competitors’ audiences.

You can use it to expand proven Facebook campaigns to email traffic.

There are two different audiences you can target right off the bat to achieve results quickly:

  • Take all the warm audience email lists that work for you on Facebook and import them into Yahoo Gemini. Then, convert the messages you use on FB to Yahoo’s ad format. Easy money according to David.
  • Set up a cold traffic campaign using “Mail Retargeting” to reach people who are on your competitors’ email lists.

The first point should be pretty obvious, but let’s take a closer look at the second step.

It might seem confusing, because “Mail Retargeting” could understandably make you think this is a retargeting campaign. It’s not though, you’re still hitting cold traffic.

However, the idea is that Yahoo knows what people are receiving in their email inbox and will serve your ads to anyone who is receiving emails from a list of domains that you choose, which in this case will be your competitors.

So, create a list of your competitors’ domains, upload it to Yahoo and… Bingo! Yahoo will serve your ads to the people that are on your competitors’ email lists.

Don’t have a list of your competitors’ domains? You can get around this by using SEM keyword research tools such as SEMRush or Spyfu.

Looks interesting! We think this might actually be the first post about email traffic that we’ve shared.

However, there are some conditions to make this work:

  • You need an account rep on Yahoo Gemini / Oath: Many of the most effective targeting options (including mail retargeting) can’t be accessed without a rep.
  • You must use the bid modifier. This is how you control which ad placements and devices your ads will appear on within their ad network.


All the copy you need is already out there

There are many ways to come up with good copy: Spying tools, Swipe files, Reddit, Facebook Ad Library.

Today we will share a different source though. One we’ve never talked about before: Books on Amazon.

Interesting, right? Let’s get to it!

Daniel Grenbom shared it, and it consists of just 4 simple steps:

  1. Go to Amazon books’ section and select the niche of your product. Sort by best sellers or featured, and find a book that closely relates to your product or copy topic.
  2. Go scraping the reviews of the book you selected. Now you’re going to search for the features and benefits the customers name in the reviews. Highlight them and save them in a document.
  3. Break down your reviews into key components. Use different colours to highlight the sections where readers express their emotions, pain points and their situations before solving the problem, their inner dialogues, the revelations and everything else that might make a difference to your copy.
  4. Extract the essence of the points that you highlighted previously and use it in your headlines, bullet points, etc.

Finish line. We already know about using Amazon reviews of similar products, but this is the first we’ve heard of using book reviews!


Build a rock solid PayPal account


Have you been in a love-hate relationship with PayPal?

Love it because of its huge reach and popularity among consumers globally. But hate it because, as soon as you hit the jackpot and the money starts flowing, your funds get frozen.

Depending on the nature of your business and the day to day activities involved, there might be many approaches to combat this problem.

Here’s one that’s been working for Ali Azhar, who’s managed to scale to 6 figures without having PayPal flag his account.

He suggests creating a UK company, possibly in a family member’s / friend’s name if your own account has already been blocked.

Next, get a new UK PayPal account using the newly registered company and link it to Transferwise’s borderless UK bank account with it.

Once your account is verified, call PayPal and let them know you are launching new products and are expecting to do multiple-figure sales per day. They will put a note on your account which means it shouldn’t get flagged when you scale.

That’s the basic setup. However, there are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not withdraw funds from PayPal on a daily basis. Opt for a weekly or bi-weekly withdrawal.
  • Avoid logging in to your PayPal account multiple times a day. Logging in every 24 hours should be fine.
  • If you get any errors while performing an action, avoid repeatedly trying the same action. Logout and try again another day.

Check out Ali’s post here in case you got any questions to ask.


🤩 How much is a star-marketer worth to your team? Tell your HR about this 😉

We’re asking this question because, aside from you, there are about 7,500 marketers reading this daily email and we could put any of your marketing jobs in front of them!

Looking for a media buyer? A Facebook Ads expert? A Google Ads addict? Copywriter? SEO whizz? E-commerce pro? Email specialist? Or just an account manager with industry experience?

All of those jobs are popular on Jobs in Digital Marketing – a simple, focused job platform. It’s the only way to feature your open positions in front of all WHAT THE AFF readers – daily!

This is not for virtual assistant search, it’s for actual marketing professionals!

We’ve put everything under tried and tested software with a clear focus on utility:

  • Post or apply for jobs.
  • Search resumes of job seekers who want to be hired.
  • Have your job openings featured in a special WHAT THE AFF section.
  • Feature on Google Jobs in search results.
  • Manage your hiring flow straight from the platform.
  • Lower price than all those broad, general platforms without an industry-specific audience.

Want to get your job featured in WHAT THE AFF for a whole month?

We’ll put your job in front of 7.5k+ of the most dedicated, smartest and up to date marketers in the world, from Monday to Friday, at 1pm CET.

Post your job and let us send you the perfect fit!

PS: Don’t forget to ping your HR about this and let us know if you have any questions.


ClickFunnels as the DMCAs refuge? Not anymore

Around 2 months ago there was a big buzz around fake DMCA complaints, which were used as a way for people to shut competitors’ products down.

If you don’t know about this or DMCAs in general, head to this post where we covered the whole topic.

Among the different solutions that were suggested, one was related to ClickFunnels. Because the company doesn’t remove your products when a random DMCA takedown form was issued, it was seen as a perfect workaround.

However, we found this post by Marianne Schwab claiming that her website has been shut down by ClickFunnels because some of her competitors filed a DMCA takedown against her.

Although, this time it’s not about a product. In fact, the subject of the DMCA notification is a headline.


This is pretty worrying! We’d be surprised if there is a marketer left on Earth that hasn’t copied a headline or piece of copy. In the end, it’s part of the game – You see what works and test it on your campaigns.

But, unfortunately, when a competitor can blow you, it will happen. This is also part of the game.

The big piece of news here is that not even ClickFunnels is as safe as we thought it was.

So, what’s the final solution?

If you want to sleep well while also copying your competitors’ copy and products, the safest way is to use custom-built solutions.

If you’re on your own land, nobody can force you to shut down your store or funnel with these fake takedown requests.

Your land, your rules, right?


Organic CTR data analyzed from 5M search results

If you were to analyze the click-through rates of 5M organic search results on Google, what trends would you find?

Brian Dean from Backlinko has answered this burning question.

In one of their case studies, they analyzed CTR data from around 874k pages and over 5M search queries from several Search Console accounts.

They also factored in title tag lengths, sentiment and meta descriptions that affect organic CTR.

Here are the top 10 findings from the report:

  1. The number 1 result in Google’s organic search results gets an average CTR of 31.73%.
  2. The number 1 organic search result is 10x more likely to receive a click compared to a search result in the 10th spot.
  3. Organic CTR for search results between 7th to 10th positions is virtually the same. This means that moving up a few spots from the bottom of the first page might not result in more organic traffic.
  4. On average, moving up by a single position in the search results increases the CTR by around 30.8%. However, this depends on where you’re moving from and to. Moving from position 3 to 2 usually results in a significant CTR boost. But moving from position 10 to 9 might not result in any significant difference.
  5. Title tags that contain a question have a 14.1% higher CTR than results without a question in the title.
  6. Title tags between 15 to 40 characters were found to have the highest CTR. Pages with a title tag length between 15 and 40 characters have an 8.6% higher CTR than those outside of that range.
  7. URLs containing the keywords have a 45% higher CTR than URLs that don’t contain the keywords.
  8. Adding Power Words to the title tag might decrease your CTR. It was found that titles with Power Words had a 13.9% lower CTR than those that didn’t contain Power Words.
  9. Titles with positive or negative sentiment improved CTR by approximately 7%.
  10. Adding meta descriptions to pages might also result in a higher CTR. Pages with a meta description get 5.8% more clicks than those without a description.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ranking above position 7 might give you a significant CTR boost even if it’s not on Page 1.
  • Weirdly, avoiding using Power Words in the title tags might be worth a test. People have been so inundated with clickbait that they’re now getting kind of sick of it.
  • Test adding a question to your title tags.
  • Lastly, make sure you add meta descriptions to all your pages.

Interested in learning more about how the data for this study was collected and analyzed? Check out this detailed PDF.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

€1M up for grabs, fellas!

There’s a German city with 340k residents, a university, a medieval fort… and yet, somebody’s gotta prove that it exists.

Why? Because of a conspiracy theory.

The city is Bielefeld and the theory is, unsurprisingly, called the Bielefeld Conspiracy. It started in 1993 with claims that the city doesn’t exist and is just an illusion propagated by various forces.

Like many other similar theories, it started as an Internet phenomenon that you could simply turn a blind eye to.

But the conspiracy has since been referenced by Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Now, to put an end to this bizarre theory and add a little benefit for themselves, the city is pulling an incredible marketing stunt. Bielefeld is offering €1M to anyone who proves that the city of more than 300k people doesn’t exist.

Well, that’s one final chance for those who believe this joke. Otherwise, Das Ende einer Verschwörung. That’s the end of this conspiracy theory.

Btw, does anyone here believe in Solipsism?

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