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Taking FB marketers on a ride to GDN

Wanna get started with Google’s Display Network (GDN) but worried about all those stories out there? The rookies claiming that GDN doesn’t work and isn’t worth your time?

Danilo Lee shared a rich, step-by-step tutorial that can help you get started.

Research process:

  • Start by visiting Answerthepublic and typing out the keywords relevant to your niche. Sort them alphabetically, then select the keywords that you find of high intent for your business.
  • Go to Spyfu, find the top 100 organic SERP listings and look for potential high-quality websites that you can use as manual placements.

Now, it’s time to start building your campaigns.

Targeting combo for Campaign 1: Managed Placement + Keywords on Single-keyword-ad-groups (SKAG) + Mobile with Responsive Ads. Probably, those native style ads with a quiz funnel.

+Tip: Once you find a performing placement, reach out to the website directly and request a banner spot on their site on a revenue-share basis.

Targeting combo for Campaign 2: Topics + Keywords + Mobile with Responsive Ads.

+Tip: Exclude the placements where the main publisher objective is to generate revenues off AdSense. You can use tools like Builtwith.com to find commonly used plugins for this purpose and add such placements to your list of negative placements.

Additional tips:

  • Only trigger the conversion pixel for qualified leads. Use filters to redirect disqualified (DQ) leads to a DQ page where Google conversion pixel doesn’t fire.
  • Add offline conversions data based on the 70% of the transaction value (to include 30% margins). This helps in analyzing the ROAS and focus on breaking even.

Check out Danilo’s post here to get into the nitty gritty of things.


After the mass purge, IG wants meme pages back

A week ago, we reported on the mass purge that hit meme Pages hard. Popular meme accounts, some with over 10M followers, were deleted without warning or explanation.

Instagram killed all the fun…

However, it looks like the company is regretting this decision, and now wants to start a new relationship with meme producers. After all, memes are a 21st century format of entertainment.

If you can’t beat them, join them!


For some IGers, sharing memes on the site has been a lucrative endeavour.Sponsored posts, you know?

So, what is Instagram planning?

Essentially, IG announced that it’s looking to hire its first-ever strategic-partnership managers specifically to focus on meme accounts.

This team will work within Instagram’s partnerships division to identify important new formats and trends, while also serving memers (it’s a new job profile, yes) on the platform.

So, for all the memers out there, all hope is not lost!

Actually, we’ll probably apply for that job. After all, we are all about memes as well.


FB updates from David Schloss’ rep

Do you have a dedicated FB rep? It’s great if you do. If not, don’t worry too much. You aren’t missing out. Why? Because of David Schloss, who pops up every now and then to share insights revealed by his rep… and The WTAFF Crew, obviously, delivers these insights straight to you inbox!

Let’s look at the most recent revelations.

  • Improvements to the Business Manager: Over the next few months, FB will update the BM to make it easier to use. The updates will include: new navigation, improved asset organization and permission management.
  • In addition, FB will release new features to make it easier and faster to manage assets and permissions.
  • This month, FB is updating Page posts and Ads on mobile to match the look of the new Facebook design.
  • Reducing targeting options: FB is removing some targeting options that are outdated or infrequently used by advertisers.
  • Suggested Video placement name change: This placement will be called Video Feeds instead of Suggested Video.

That’s all folks!


💰 How to bank big without getting burned with Affactory’s new Nutra course!

Affactory has a clear goalUnlock your full potential with FREE easy-to-follow courses and case studies developed by experienced affiliates.

Remember their 2 inaugural courses?

That was just the beginning! Today Affactory is launching The Nutra Manual in collaboration with Advidi.

This guide gives you an insider’s look into the powerful nutra vertical. It goes through the challenges of navigating it, solutions to common problems and where the growth is happening in nutra so you can focus on where it matters!

Enroll for free here.

Alright, if you didn’t head there already, you are probably wondering: “So what’s the catch? Why don’t I have to pay?”

Simple explanation. Affactory partners with companies who want to teach affiliates how to run certain verticals or on certain traffic types. That means some guides are sponsored by companies in the industry.

It’s the same reason you don’t have to pay for this daily email 😉 Companies advertise in it, just like Affactory.

It’s all up to you to take advantage of the information laid out to you for free. There are 80 lessons in 3 courses waiting for you already. The collection will get better with more updated content!

Jump in and try it out right here!


Getting to know each other better and a special announcement!

Hey, you!

Don’t you think it’s time we took this relationship a step further? Yes? Perfect!

If you haven’t done so already, we wanna ask you to fill in a quick-2-minute survey that helps us better curate and write this daily content for your reading pleasure.

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Oh, and before we forget…

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Why do we do this?

Because the people who want to get this email might not get it if we send it out to too many inactive contacts.

So, if you did not open any of our emails in the past month, you’ll get a notification email letting you know about it and what to do if you want to stay subscribed. If not, we’ll just stop sending emails to you.


The 2 elements for success on FB

With plenty of experience under his belt to back up his claim, Dim Niko shared what he thinks are the 2 elements your product needs to cross the chasm on Facebook and hit the lofty heights of success.

Let’s first look at his premise: Unlike Google, people on Facebook don’t have a buying intent. They’re on the social network to distract themselves, procrastinate, spy their ex etc…Therefore you must give them a good reason to stop their activities and listen to you.

First Characteristic: Your product must solve a clearly defined problem that your prospect is facing. Your creatives need to reflect this too: If you can ​highlight a problem the customer is having, and then present your product as a solution to that problem, your ads will crush it.

Secondly, the product must be unique: Solving a problem is not enough. You must solve your prospects’ problem in a unique way if you want them to stop spying on their ex and give you their attention.

This is why dropship products, after a while, die. They get attention for being unique in the beginning, but when everybody starts pushing them the uniqueness is lost and the product dies.

What’s the solution to this? Build a brand. It’s much harder to copy what a brand is doing because it takes time to build up, making it difficult to rip off.


600% more visitors in 24 months – SEO case study

Hunter Branch from Rank Tree shared a case study that helped him increase visitors for one of his biggest clients by 600% in around 24 months.

Background: It was a content-rich site bringing in about 20k visitors per month from search while ranking for a few competitive keywords with around 1k-5k monthly search volume.

Problem? Majority of the content was unoptimized and lacked quality links.

Here’s the 4-step strategy that helped him bring more visitors to the site.

Implementing an in-depth content audit. A thorough content audit using Analytics and Search Console revealed that out of the hundreds of published blog posts, only 10 of them got consistent traffic.

He unpublished all of these blog posts, which accounted for around 90% of the content, and segregated them into 2 buckets.

  • Posts with great-but-untapped potential. These blog posts either had great keyword potential or offered unique insights and actionable steps for readers.

Though only 5 posts qualified for this bucket, a lot of new content was added to each of these posts, along with new sections targeting long-tail keywords. These posts were republished once the new content was added.

  • Posts with low potential. Most of these posts were either written on specific topics with low search volume or had supporting content related to one of the above content assets.

These posts were unpublished and 301 redirected to either a relevant content asset or to the homepage.

Link building. With a 1% conversion rate, email outreach for link building didn’t seem to be working. So, he started offering access to courses and membership sites from his author regardless of whether someone added his link or not.

Thanks to his outstanding content and website, this worked great for him and many websites with similar content were happy to offer a link.

Creating new SEO driven content. After conducting in-depth keyword research analyzing 5,000+ keywords, medium-to-high volume keywords with low competition were chosen to create new content.

Tip: Target a group of related keywords instead of just one.

25 new blog posts with extensive content were created. Over time, these started ranking for hundreds of different keywords.

By now, the site had 72 posts and was generating 140k visitors per month from search.

Tip: It doesn’t matter how much content you produce or how often you produce it. What really matters is how valuable and optimized your content is.

Internal Linking. As there was no clear strategy behind the existing internal links, new internal links were added and the anchor text of existing links was optimized.

Here’s how:

Add about ten internal links to every blog post using anchor text that included either:

  • The target keyword of other posts.
  • A variation of the target keyword.
  • Or a secondary long-tail keyword.

To do this quickly and efficiently, here are the 2 best options:

  • Go through each post in your CMS in order of publication date adding internal links.
  • Use the search bar in your WordPress admin for certain phrases and add internal links to posts containing those keywords.

That’s pretty much the entire 24-month case study. You’ve probably heard of much of this stuff before, but as we always say: It’s all about the execution.

Did you find this interesting, or maybe you have some arguments or questions? Check out Hunter’s blog post here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Strategic move or a complete fail? You decide

How often do you go to McDonald’s? Or, more to the point, have you ever tried the McFizz?

It’s an innocent-sounding sparkling drink sold by the hamburger company.

However, It’s not the beverage itself making headlines; it’s the cup the McFizz is served in.


The various designs depict a boy on one side of the clear cup and a girl on the other. When the colourful beverage is finished, these two protagonists look like they’re sharing a kiss on the lips. “How romantic!” we hear you cry.

Well, maybe not as romantic as it first looks…

The problems arise when the cups are tilted slightlyLet’s say that things get spicier than a kiss.



The guy’s winky face makes things look even more suspicious!

Reactions on Twitter have been countless and priceless, and someone even took things to the next level. (Don’t show this to your children)

We don’t know if this was all planned by McDonald’s or if it’s just a massive fail on their part.

Either way, the brand got a lot of free impressions all over the world. So, unless they get fined, it’s been a good move! (From a marketing perspective)

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