FB Ads Managers hacked: Campaigns launched with your money! This traffic source beats FB and Google: Reaches >80% of US & EU digital population. Growth hacks to go from 10% to 32% margins on >$1M/month from Alexandr Fedotov.


Scaling to $448k per month

Scaling – what does it really mean?

Can you simply scale your ad campaigns by adopting CBO or by just using a specific bidding strategy?

Or should you just spend more to make more?

Or maybe these are just smaller pieces of a larger puzzle. 

These things don’t help you scale entirely on their own. Rather these are just small tools that might work if you have the right mindset.

Alexandr Fedotov talks about one of his e-commerce stores making $1-1.2M per month. Which looks impressive but it wasn’t that attractive with a 7-10% margin.

When you are at that level, things are already way too complex to manage. Several accounts and the countless campaigns and ad sets within them to handle. A team and its operations to deal with. And the headaches to bear.

So, how do you raise the bar and look to improve the ROAS?

Here’s what Alexandr did:

Improve the ad performance: His current ROAS on the cumulative ad spend was about 1.3x. Up until now, he was focusing on increasing the ad spend to drive more revenue with 1.3x as his ROAS benchmark. But he decided to raise the ad performance to drive more ROAS.

He did this by efficiently cutting underperforming ads faster, testing more creatives to improve CTR to a minimum of 3%+ and $0.9 CPC.

Working with Ad accounts: Every FB Ad account performs differently. So, if there is an ad account that is performing better than others, put more resources in getting the most out of it.

Cut products aggressively: Take a step back and think beyond the ad campaigns. You don’t want to spend your resources and energy on products that aren’t fruitful.

Using the backend as support: Using daily emails to maximize the growth, he was able to push more sales with more aggressive and action-oriented offers. He used his list to test new products and see if they have potential.

By focusing on the above pointers, he was able to increase the margins from 10% to 32%.

More than just a scaling strategy, Alexandr talks in detail about the right mindset you need for re-investing as an approach to grow an e-commerce store.

Check out his post here.


How to write content to drive more benjis – a quick guide

If you’re trying to build a brand out there, you know that you need to constantly put out content to engage and grow your audience.

Just showing them ads that lead to sales pages will not do the trick, right?

So, the question is: How do I produce content? Steven Black, a content expert, addressed this question in the Momentum Marketing Tribe group. And here’s his take:

Why do you need content? It generates traffic and makes conversions more stable. And maybe cheaper too!

What to share? You must become your audience’s favourite entertainer within your niche. You need to provide genuine insights, tips and a place to share ideas about a lifestyle that they can grow with.

If you do that, your product will become part of the lifestyle you have built into their minds.

In other words, build a cult following and then monetize it.

First of all, you need to know your audience and understand what they really want. Start listening to their discussions and understand their questions and doubts.

Steven suggests using social listening tools for this.

Where do you share the content? YouTube, podcasts, email, social media. You can make it as complex as you want. The point is that you are optimizing for CLTV (customer lifetime value), organic conversions and higher engagement.

Elements of the content:

Copywriting: One skill that stands above all in the marketing world is copywriting. Control the words and you can control the masses.

When you write, consider your brand voice and be consistent in each medium.

Creatives: Write down the mediums you are going to use. And adjust your content accordingly. FB groups don’t work like YouTube channels.

Distribution and tracking: You need to be able to distribute the content quickly and track the engagement.

Workflow: Make a plan and then spend a few weekends making 2 weeks of content at a time. Then schedule it and get your email flows, landers, and messenger bots in order.

Conversions: You content must nurture your audience. But the final goal is that conversion, right? Right! Therefore, you must give them a way to take action. For this purpose, Steven suggests reading “How to write copy that sells”.

Steven Black says he produces 20k pieces of content per year per brand. And he owns multiple brands. Thus, he must know something about it. Turn this piece of info into treasure and take action!


RichPush.co – Push traffic for the riches? Let’s see what they have to offer

The talk of the year so far for most affiliates: push traffic. If 2018 was a year when this traffic type had a lot of growing up to do, RichPush made sure to be at the front of technical developments necessary for effective media buying on this traffic type.

We already hear you asking “What the hell are those technical developments you’re talking about?”. The WTAFF Crew will be your guide, so follow us…

1. SmartCPC – This cool feature can reduce your CPC by up to 40%. How? It’s quite simple. RichPush can tell if a certain click can be bought for less than your bid. If it’s possible, RichPush will let you buy that click for cheaper.

There are many situations in which you bid high to get what is perceived to be the highest quality traffic. That sometimes pushes your cost up more than it should but with SmartCPC you get rid of that problem.

2. TargetCPA – This feature automatically identifies the sources that convert better and prioritizes traffic from them to get you towards your target CPA. TargetCPA is available once your campaign receives at least 10 conversions. You should use SmartCPC together with TargetCPA. That’s the power combo!

3. Automatic Rules – Forget 3rd party tools, RichPush lets you set optimization rules and the system automatically executes on them. Saves you a lot of time and lets you focus on things like creatives, payout bumps, offer testing and spying.

4. Retargeting – Get already engaged users back into your existing campaign, into a new campaign or exclude those who already converted on the offer! Another feature that’s common on Google and Facebook that RichPush is bringing into their platform as well.

5. Microbidding – This feature allows you to squeeze out the absolute maximum performance from your campaigns. It allows you to create a custom bid for 13 parameters in the campaign so you can bid more on, for example, Android 8 than the average on the whole campaign. Or you can bid less on a certain publisher ID. Check out the full breakdown of this here.

Wanna know the volume available and the CPC rates? Head over here for a full breakdown.

Nuff’ said. The secret is out. Sign up to RichPush.

PS: Want to meet the RichPush team? They are at Booth C57 at Affiliate World Europe. Schedule a meeting here.


Hack attack: Check your Business Manager. Just another $1.1M fine

Is Facebook aware of this issue? Check your account because you might have been hacked. FB has to write another cheque. This time for Italy.

Facebook ad platform under hackers’ attack?

Have you seen this ad recently?

Do you think it’s converting well? Juicy ROI, huh?

We should ask Domino’s media buyers probably. Or maybe the hacker that got into Domino’s Ad account and launched campaigns to promote random suitcases for 1 cent.

Well, despite the low price, we think the hacker could have gotten some nice ROAS. Because the ad spend is for Domino’s to pay! Smart strategy?

OK, this post is NOT just about fun.

This isn’t the first time we see an ad account hacked and used for such purposes.

As Joseph D Lazukin wrote in this post, there are other marketers experiencing similar issues. Finding a huge ad spend for campaigns they never launched in their Ads Managers.

This triggered alarms in other FB groups as well. And others complained that this is happening on a big scale for about 4 months.

So, what should you do?

First of all, check your accounts. And see if there is any suspicious activity. Remove any unknown users or partners in your business managers.

And if you want to have a peaceful sleep, enable the two-factor authentication.

In case you find anything suspicious, block your CC and contact Facebook ASAP.

We hope that this message will reach as many marketers as possible before anything unfortunate happens. So, inform your friends and partners before it’s too late.

Italy slaps Facebook with a $1.1M fine

Do you have any recurring nightmares? The kind that jumps into your mind and wakes you up at night?

Yes? Cool, just like all media buyers out there!Even FB has a recurring nightmare, and it’s called Cambridge Analytica.

Recently, Italy’s data protection watchdog found out that 57 Italian users downloaded Dr Aleksandr Kogan‘s Thisisyourdigitallife quiz app. The app used to scoop FB users data.

Well, those 57 users benefited the Italian Gov. The Italian DPA issued Facebook with a $1.1M fine.

However, it’s not only about 57 people. The app managed to acquire data of over 200k users, without them even downloading the app.

Dear Facebook, it’s time to write another cheque!


This native traffic source is beating Facebook and Google

If you are already buying native media or even thinking about it, this piece of news is going to be music to your ears.


According to Comscore Media Metrix Key Measures rankings in April 2019, Outbrain’s digital reach surpassed the two giants of digital advertising: Facebook and Google.

Exactly! And this happened in key markets like USA, Spain, Germany and the UK.

Outbrain accounted for 88% of the total digital population in the US, 84.3% in Germany, 95% in Spain and 76.8% in the UK and 94.3% in Italy.

How did it happen? According to the CRO of Outbrain, “Consumers are becoming disengaged with the saturated news and information feeds of the closed web and turning to the open web for a better exploration and discovery experience”

Well, it might be a good time to look into native if you haven’t already considered it. And a good piece of news for those trying to scale/already scaling: You have tons of traffic out there to leverage on.


5k to 250k followers in 11 months

Struggling to grow your Instagram accounts?

Dariusz Birnbach shared his strategy on how he went from 5k to 250K followers in 11 months. All this without spending a dime on shoutouts, ads, powerlikes or any automation tools out there.

So what did he really do to achieve these numbers? Here are the lessons he shares:

Avoid generic viral content and stick to niche-related content. Offer valuable content and use a catchy headline to make people stop scrolling.

Make your content exclusive and post content that people haven’t seen before to multiply your follow rate. If they can’t find this valuable content anywhere else, they will hit the follow button.

Use Direct Messaging and Telegram groups to increase your reach further. Once you gain more followers and get into more exclusive groups with bigger accounts, you’ll gain better momentum.

Start posting consistently. Start posting more content initially and reduce the quantity slowly to not annoy your followers. Dariusz started by posting 5 times a day to gain 300-500 followers per day and later reduced to 1-2 posts per day but that didn’t hamper the account growth.

Analyze your post performance and finding similarities in design, message, headline, colours, typography etc.

In his post, he recommends avoiding automation tools to follow/unfollow and randomly liking posts from other accounts and focus more on driving momentum through value, eye appealing content and engagement groups.

Got questions or want to reach out to him, check out his post here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Please, stop scaling your business!

What champagne do we drink today? Dom Perignon or Krug? And what do we eat? Oysters or caviar? Where do we go on vacation? Maldives or Monte Carlo?

These questions are causing a huge problem for wealthy Americans.

What problem? The wealth they accumulated is stressing them out.

Really? Yes! Because with so much wealth and the number of options they have, they are more stressed about how they are going to spend it.

But there is another looming problem they face. When they’re not working, they feel they are losing up on more bucks per hour.

Lol. What a dilemma.

On average, people these days have more money than they had 50 years ago. But the number of hours they have to spend it remains the same old 24 hours.

The more your earning capacity increases, the more rushed you feel to earn and spend more.

On top of that, the US is the only developed country that doesn’t have a federal paid vacation policy.

Low earners, on the other hand, feel less rushed as they don’t have enough money or choices to spend on. Mostly, they just end up watching TV or sleeping.

Someone quickly call Bernie. He might have an idea!!

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