From $8k to $30k daily revenue: The 2×7 CBO strategy. Pinterest’s 1st report after going public: Revenue up by 62%, yet a loss of $1.1B. Reduce “where’s my order” tickets for ecomm stores with these strategies.


CBO bid cap tactics. Why you should apply for Facebook Campaign Planner

Yet another CBO case study. How applying for Facebook Campaign Planner might lower your ad costs.

Going from $2k to $10k daily spend: The 2×7 CBO bidding strategy

Despite the mandatory CBO date release sliding to 2020, people who see it working aren’t waiting for 2020.

Kris Sugatan is one of those people. Fortunately, she shared the bidding strategy that took her daily spend from $2k to $10k. Wanna know about the revenue?

Of course you do! It went from $8k to $30k. Daily.

Let’s dive into it. Though, Kris says there are some prerequisites to adapt it:

  • Broad and tested audiences: 5M to 20M.
  • Seasoned pixel. For what it can mean.
  • Proven angle that works with video ads.

Here’s the set up of the CBO campaign.

  • $600 daily budget.
  • 7 ad sets of the same audience.
  • Different manual bid cap for every ad set. This is how to calculate it: Take your target CPA and divide it by half → Multiply it by 2,3,4… all the way up to 7. Each number represents a different bid cap.
  • She suggests adding 5 more performing ad sets from previous campaigns.

Launch and optimize. That is all.

She also suggests building a good relationship with your supplier if you’re serious about your biz.

For the rest, you can have a look at Kris’ post here.

Will the Facebook’s Campaign Planner really lower costs of campaign?


Riley Seaburg shared a pleasant experience he had after teaming up with Facebook. He gained access to Facebook’s Campaign Planner.

What does it do? In Riley’s words: It allows advertisers to scoot around the auction and pay a discount for ads by reserving them ahead of time.

That allowed Riley to lower campaigns’ costs, achieving a $2.50 CPA. Although, we don’t know what kind of leads that CPA refers.

So, overall, it’s a tool that should make your campaigns cheaper. If you want to request access to the Campaign Planner, head here.

However, as is always the case (especially with Facebook), not everybody agrees with Riley.

Some have said it’s not very useful for direct response campaigns, and is more likely to work for brand advertising campaigns.

Test it for yourself and make your own mind up!


Social media managers’ great demand finally supplied

Scheduling posts for Gram has long been a headache for social media managers. Third-party apps allowed them to do it, but that often caused access and feature issues.

However, these troubles are now over, because Instagram released its native planning tool.

Yaaas! You can schedule video and pictures for Instagram and IGTV from Facebook Creator Studio.

Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly how the post will look when it goes live.

To a smoother social media marketing experience! Cheers!


Building your own instant games store with Daniel Tamas and Digitap

Did someone say Stacked Marketing Show? No? OK, we’re not there yet but we have a new episode for you today!

Over the years of being in the industry, one of the most common desires for affiliates was always to have their own product, to be more than just an affiliate. That’s why this chat with Daniel was exciting for us.

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Digitap, an instant games publishing platform where anyone can quickly build their own Game Store, start sending traffic to it and instantly monetizing those users. You don’t even need your own games!

We chat with Daniel in more detail about:

  • How Digitap came to be
  • His previous experience with affiliate marketing and game publishing
  • How marketers can make Benjis with a game store
  • Why the user experience is better on a Digitap store than most apps
  • What steps you have to take to start a store
  • How much it costs to run it
  • How to get a demo from Daniel and his team

Watch on YouTube here.

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Reducing your WISMO calls

WISMO, dude?

Where Is My Order, dude?

Thanks to Amazon and other e-comm leaders, customers these days like to receive frequent updates regarding their shipments.

This results in them getting in touch with you if they don’t receive a shipment update, and these frequent emails and calls can take up a huge chunk of your time and resources.

What if you could reduce or eliminate these WISMO tickets?

Well, it’s 2019 and it turns out you can!

Here’s how:

On-site order tracking. Just like Amazon’s map tracking, on-site order tracking provides the date of delivery, arrival time, and the number of stops remaining until the package reaches your customer’s home.

For Shopify, there are a bunch of order tracking apps that help you do that. Combine them with notification emails containing a link to the tracking page and make sure that these emails are sent for confirmed orders, shipping and provide delivery details.

You can also use these emails to include more product recommendations, discount codes,
referral codes, social links etc.

Address order tracking using FAQs. Before someone places an order on your store, they’ll likely want more information regarding international shipping details, delivery time, contact information, and all those other details people like to have before making a purchase.

Check out how Wicked Clothes’ uses their FAQ page to provide shipping details for both local and international customers. The FAQ page is also one of the best spots to include a link to the order tracking page.

Chatbots. You already know about how important using Chatbots for customer support can be, right? They can be way cheaper than having a human answer these queries and can also improve customer experience.

Here’s to more of those order confirmation emails and less WISMO tickets.


Users up to 300M and 62% revenue jump

Pinterest released their first earnings report since going public this April, and it looks like the move has proved to be a good one.

Here are the highlights of the report:

  • Total revenue: $261M, up by a whopping 62% Y/Y.
  • Total revenue from US: $238M, up by 55%.
  • Total monthly active users (MAUs): 300M, up by 30%.
  • MAUs from US: 85M, up by 13%.

Although, it admittedly reported a net loss of $1.16B for this quarter because of “RSU (restricted stock units) expense recorded in connection with our initial public offering.”

According to its full-year outlook for 2019, Pinterest is expecting to reach between $1-1.1B in revenue.

They released a host of new features such as mobile ad tools, new video functionalities, a visual search tool and many other things throughout the year.

The company is now focused on growing advertiser base and working on improving ad measurement capabilities for brands on the platform.


Carousel local packs in ads

Google is testing a new design for the local results box in SERPs.

It features local results in a new, scrollable carousel format and also includes an ad spot at the top.


This does look a lot more interactive than before, but at the moment it only highlights about 1.5 local results by default.

Users will need to scroll through the listings to see more results and click on a particular listing to see other options available to them.

If you think this is just another design update, check out Mike Blumenthal’s post on why you should be worried about this new scrollable carousel format.


Audience targeting updates

Those of you running campaigns on Microsoft Ads will know the pain of individually applying audience targeting to several ad groups under a campaign.

Thanks to this update, your pain is about to be eased! Microsoft has rolled out campaign-level associations, making it easier to apply audience targeting to all ad groups within a campaign.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Click the Audiences tab from the Campaigns page.
  • Click on Create Association.
  • Select a Campaign.
  • Select the audiences you want to associate, set targeting setting and add bid adjustments.
  • Click Save to finish setup.

For existing targeting associations at the ad group level, you’ll be able to delete all existing ad group associations and add new campaign-level targeting associations.

These exclusions are now allowed at both the campaign and ad group levels.

This update is in the process of rolling out globally to all users. So, some of you might have already have access to this feature, but others could have to wait until mid-August.


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Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Science books have been lying to us

For all the flat-Earthers out there, here’s another piece of bad news for you. (we know we have plenty of you on our list… Joke!)

Not even the Milky Way is flat!

Academic books have always shown a flat galaxy, and this is what we have believed up until now.

Now, some astronomers from the Warsaw University have analyzed the brightest stars in the galaxy and come to an interesting conclusion. They do not lie on a flat plane.analyzing the brightest stars of the galaxy, discovered that they do not lie on a flat plane!

The story and structure of the Milky Way is far from being understood. Though, for now, we do know that it is warped and twisted.



Besides, warping may have happened through past interactions with satellite galaxies, intergalactic gas or dark matter!

If you want to discover more about this and how scientists came to this conclusion, have a look at the post here!

Hoping that the space will inspire your for the next killer campaign!

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