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Apple’s ATT numbers are stabilizing

…and so is our sanity.

Alex Bauer from BranchMetrics just tweeted the latest ATT adoption figures.

According to Bauer, these numbers are now fairly stable now, so this will most likely be our final update for a while. The storm has finally passed.

The numbers:

  • 75% of users have adopted iOS 14.5+.
  • The opt-in rate for apps showing the ATT prompt is at 32.7 percent.
  • The opt-in rate across countries still varies greatly.

Why the big difference between countries: It’s due to older devices. In China, for example, 20 percent of users (still) use iOS 13 or earlier. Things are similar with India, Russia and Mexico.

This is not surprising though, as it has been the case for almost every major Apple update.

What all of this means for you: We now have a good idea of the ATT adoption and opt-in metrics, which means we can gradually start making decisions based on them.


Instagram wants to pay you for publishing on its platform


Instagram is currently working on two features that will get you paid:

Ad revenue sharing: According to Axios, Instagram will begin testing IGTV ads with various publishers. They’ve already begun reaching out to a small set of people in order to start testing their ads revenue share product.

Paid Stories: Instagram has also confirmed it’s working on a paid Stories feature. It will be similar to Twitter’s “Super Follow” where people can create exclusive content only available to their fans.

The reason they’re doing this: All of this goes in line with what Zuckerberg said earlier this month. Facebook and Instagram want to attract quality creators on their platform, and they plan to do it at a loss.

But after thousands of privacy scandals, controversy, and bad press, do creators want to be attracted to Facebook? Time will tell.


How this supplement brand comfortably runs Facebook ads that would get you banned in an instant


They’ve had partnerships with Ellen and Jennifer Lopez. They run FB Ads that touch on just about all health benefits you can think of. And they reportedly do over $24M in revenue a year. All this by selling one product… Gummies!

Goli, the brand we’re talking about, has plenty of creativity and quality in marketing behind it. They are the topic of our July deep dive for Insights.

Here’s the tip of the iceberg:

  • Facebook Ads are their strongest point, with great creativity, and pushing the envelope when it comes to policy.
  • Their website is far from perfect, with plenty of confusing elements which just goes to show you don’t need to be perfect to succeed.
  • Emails are pretty good, but they make a significant mistake many DTC brands make… Can you guess which?

Have a look at this free preview, which is about 10% of the whole Goli deep dive.

If you want to learn about how to successfully promote supplements, this Goli deep dive is a must-read. To unlock the full version (along with 4 more), all you have to do is subscribe to Insights.

If you don’t find at least one great tip or strategy, you can message us within 24 hours of your sign up and we’ll refund you.

Try it out risk-free for $99/month.


Here’s what an analysis of 3.6 billion blog posts discovered about good content


Good content is like real estate: You invest time and resources to build it. And later, it pays off for years with a constant flow of new visitors.

Although, not all content becomes an asset. Some get lost in the billions of posts and articles that will never see the sun again after a few initial shares.

And if you want to create evergreen content, Brian Dean from Backlinko shared a study they conducted to understand which content can turn into an asset. And which types get lost forever.

They analyzed 3.6 billion articles. Here’s what they found out.


  • Lists and how-to posts tend to become evergreen most often. Whereas presentations, press releases, and infographics are the ones with the shortest lifespan.
  • Podcast episodes create a buzz early on. However, only a small percentage of them receive shares and links in the long run.

Engagement on different channels

  • Content with a high level of engagement on Reddit is more likely to keep receiving visits, shares, and links over time. This is because the platform has a fair share of users interested in timeless content.
  • Shares on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook do not correlate with a high chance of becoming evergreen.


  • Posts with the year in the headline tend to receive shares and links over time. Surprised? Well, to begin with, depending on when the piece is shared throughout the year, it can have many months ahead. Second, a post with “2021” in the title might have been shared in 2017.
  • Content focused on the “best” has the highest evergreen score: “The best home decor ideas, according to designers”. Readers value content that curates the best products, apps, videos, and so on.
  • Guides have a high chance of staying relevant in the long term as well.
  • Amongst the publishers analyzed in the study, Social Media Examiner, HBR, and Mindful are producing some of the most timeless content.
  • Content about technology, marketing and health has the highest evergreen score.


GOOGLE: The search company is relaxing some of its payment requirements for businesses who use Merchant Center.

SOCIAL MEDIA: After India banned TikTok, there’s a new majesty on the throne: Moj.

FACEBOOK: Be aware of third-party “ad manager” apps. Facebook is suing several Vietnamese residents for $36 million over a fake “ad manager” Android application.

SEO: GoogleBot is pretty busy. According to John Mueller, it can take hours to weeks for Google to index your new/updated content.

ADVERTISING: If you have a financial product and are advertising in the UK, Google will ask you for a government certification before allowing you to advertise.

TIKTOK: Live streaming is getting to a whole new level on TikTok. Ed Sheeran’s TikTok’s show broke the record with over 5.5 million viewers.

PRODUCTIVITY: Texting can be boring (sometimes). Slack has just introduced “Huddles”, which are Discord-like audio rooms where any team member can join.


A boy was 10 on his last birthday but will be 12 on his next birthday. How is this possible?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Domino’s doesn’t just want to make you full. They wanna make you rich, too


Remember Domino’s “30 minutes or less” or your money back?

Well this concept just got a revamp. No, you don’t get your money back like previously. Rather, you get more money (or you lose money). Let us explain.

Domino’s has partnered with DraftKings, a sports betting app, where you can bet on whether your order will arrive in less than 2 minutes.

If you get your shot right, you get a chance to win money. If you don’t, well, better luck next time.

There is a rather large caveat: The 2-minute betting window applies to carside delivery only. It’s takeout, only they bring the food to your car instead of handing it to you at the counter.

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