How to be the Andrew Huberman of your niche?

Ever heard of Dr. Andrew Huberman

He’s a professor of neurobiology at Stanford. He also runs a successful podcast and a Twitter account. 

Andrew’s been around for a while now, but he went viral a couple weeks back for a podcast episode where he discussed the dangers of drinking alcohol.

Why’d Andrew Huberman go viral?

Because he presented a fresh, counter-narrative argument: Not only is alcohol unhealthy, but even what most people consider to be “moderate” drinking causes serious health problems.

There’s a pattern among people like Andrew Huberman, Lex Fridman, Tim Ferriss, and James Clear: They’re all professionals in complex fields who’ve gained broad mainstream appeal.

And they all rely on two principles:

To hook people, lead with novelty.

Most people bury their best insights midway through a Twitter thread or an essay. People like Andrew use their best ideas as their hook. They provide the biggest “wait, what?” moment upfront. And it works.


To grow an audience, create thoughtful, long-form content, then distribute the highlights.

Creating long-form content, like we do for Stacked Marketer Pro, increases your surface area for finding special insights. And distributing those special insights, like in this section of our newsletter, is how you get a larger audience to your long-form product.

Why it matters

Lots of marketers talk about “content,” but few use the two principles above to grow their audience. 

These principles are common traits of popular content creators for a reason—they work!

Use them, and you’ll increase your chances of growing a loyal audience… and maybe revenue, too. 

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