How to know your SMS messages deliver?

Most marketers know their way around an email inbox.

But SMS? It’s a whole different world, and it’s a daunting one if you’ve never experienced it.

When you know what you’re doing, however, SMS can be a powerful channel for generating revenue.

What is needed to SMS get delivered?

There are three factors that determine whether or not your message will get delivered to a user’s phone. They are:

  • Your SMS marketing platform.
  • The recipient’s wireless carrier.
  • The recipient’s mobile phone or device.

Most restrictions on SMS deliverability are based on particular words that are considered “spam.”

What can you do?

So, if you want to reduce deliverability problems, remember the following:

  • Your SMS marketing platform might not allow you to use certain words. Find out what they are, and make sure they’re not in any of your campaigns.
  • Wireless carriers might block your message because it contains non-compliant language. Research guidelines from the carriers you’ll be sending messages to.
  • Individuals might have spam filters set up to prevent marketing messages. If this is a problem, try to keep all marketing-related lingo, like “sale” and “discount,” out of your message.

Complete the checklist above and you’ll be well on your way to getting those marketing messages delivered. 

That’s just the start, though…

To learn how to generate real revenue with SMS, join Stacked Marketer Pro and read November’s latest report. It’ll teach you everything you need to run profitable SMS campaigns.

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