January 23, 2019


Scaling to 7-figures with Justin Woll’s advice.

Part of our job is to learn and take inspiration from other successful marketers. And one of the best ways to accomplish that is by going through their case studies and strategies.

The WTAFF Crew is very aware of this. That’s why we try to bring you the best case studies we find around the cyberspace.

And what do we have today? A scaling strategy shared by Justin Woll on the Ecom Empires group.

It’s interesting because it doesn’t require a big ad set budget to start. But as Justin said, it can bring up to 7 figure results.

The testing phase starts with $5-$25 per ad set. And once you have the ad sets with a positive ROAS, you should do two things:

  • Duplicate the ad set 5 separate times. Under the same campaign on 1-Day Click.
  • For every duplicate ad set, you want to include 3 separate ads to each ad set. This will increase the number of audience pockets that you will be marketing to. 

Moreover, use the new ads to test creatives as well as the copy.

  • Duplicate the original $5 ad set to $25 (day 1) → $50 (day 2) → $100 (day 3).
  • Make each duplication every day as long as the ad set stays ROI positive. And create 3 ads per each ad set.

Once you are able to reach a $50 budget, it’s time to scale the campaign. As Justin says, move to manual bidding and set a 2X CPA bid cap.

What budgets and audiences?

  • Combine the top 3 audiences from the previous tests, into one ad set. Budget: $1K.
  • Increase the budget every day at 12AM if the ad set’s cash-flow stays positive: $2500 (day 2) → $5000 (day 3) → $8000 (day 4) → $15000 (day 5). 1-day click window.
  • Monitor the bid daily and create duplicates, only targeting top selling regions and age groups!

That’s it! It looks quite easy. But as always, execution is the hard part!


An update on Go2Mobi.

Have you seen our email yesterday? We mentioned that Go2Mobi seems to be gone without a trace.

Thankfully, there is an update. As we said, we did use Go2Mobi for a long time and we were very surprised to see they sent out this email a few months ago (click here to see high-resolution version):

We scoured our inboxes and so did a few of our friends and they didn’t find this email. Two things come to mind.

First, Go2Mobi tried to be clear about what is going on but they probably made a mistake and didn’t send this announcement to all their email contacts.

Secondly, and more importantly, it’s been more than 3 weeks since 20th November so it doesn’t look like the transition went smoothly. Add the few complaints about stuck funds, and we can see there are issues happening.

We hope this is just a delay and not a less fortunate scenario. We’ll keep you ladies and gents up to date if we get more info! You can send your tips to [email protected]


Getting your customer feedback ratings back up!

Facebook rolled out “Customer Feedback” section during Q2 of 2018 for all pages running ads to their e-commerce store. The objective for this is to ensure a positive experience for its users as well as for advertisers.

Here’s how this works:

  • For all the purchases coming in from your FB ad campaigns, some of the randomly selected purchasers receive a feedback survey.
  • Based on the customer feedback, each Page is assigned a “Monthly Satisfaction Score” on a scale of 1 to 5. (5 being the highest)

How customer feedback may impact your ads?

  • Pages with low MSS (below 2.5) might see reduced ad delivery and hence, lower Reach on their ad campaigns.
  • Pages/Ads with too much negative customer feedback will get flagged by FB and will immediately see reduced ad delivery. Ads from such pages will continue to reach fewer and fewer people.

However, this score is re-evaluated and updated every month, giving you a chance to improve your MSS.

How to raise your MSS?

If you visit the Customer Feedback section of your page, you will see if comprises of 4 sections on which your customers rate their experience:

  • Product Quality
  • Shipping Speed
  • Customer Service
  • Something Else

Product Quality

  • Be clear about what you are selling.
  • Make sure your ads are not misleading and accurately represent the product you are selling.
  • Check the product quality with your suppliers. Including sizes, dimensions, material etc. Especially if you are sourcing from China and selling in US, sizes may vary a lot.

Shipping Speed

  • Set clear expectations for shipping times, especially if you are dropshipping. Including processing times, item availability, shipping costs.
  • Provide tracking info to your customers at all times.

Customer Service

  • Address customer queries as quickly as possible.
  • If you are in a different time-zone, be clear about your response times. Don’t ignore their emails or phone calls.
  • Clearly specify your Return and Exchange policies on your website and honour them.

Something Else

  • Running out of stock? Got limited inventory? Consider running fewer ads.
  • Make it clear when the product is expected to be back in stock and by when will it be shipped.
  • Unable to fulfil orders due to circumstances beyond your control? Be proactive with your communication.
  • Provide easy refunds and/or further discounts on future purchase.

Visit your “Customer Feedback” pages and discover your situation. Also, if you have more questions on this and want to join the debate, hop on the post here.


Amazon adds customer acquisition metrics for display, video, Sponsored Brands campaigns!

We already said that Bezos is going to take over the advertising industry. We even said that Amazon is taking advantage of its momentum to release new updates to its ad platform. And growing its market share.

Well, today Amazon confirmed these words: it added new customer acquisition metrics for display, video and sponsored brands campaigns.

Before we talk about this update, we got a question for you: Are you leveraging Amazon yet? What’s your experience? ROAS? It would be nice to hear something from you!

Moving on, the metrics are about new-to-brand customers: people who bought from you for the first time.

The set of metrics includes new-to-brand purchases, new-to-brand purchase rate and cost per new customer. They show converting customers that purchased a brand’s products on Amazon for the first time in the past 12 months.

Besides, the metrics are available for video, display and Sponsored Brands ad campaigns.

Why are these metrics useful?

You’ll be able to segment and analyze how well these branding-oriented campaign types convert new customers. Giving you a clear view of what channels and formats are better for customer acquisition.


Google lawsuit shuts down scam-SMB.

There are two business principles a small business trying to strive in the industry goes by: “Face it til you make it” or “Fake it til you make it.”

This small agency opted for the latter one. Falsely claiming over sales calls that it was affiliated with the search giant.

The result? They faked it, but couldn’t make it. In a lawsuit filled by Google, the marketing agency was shut down by Google over such fraudulent claims.

Not just that, there are more penalties:

  • The company will be dissolved completely.
  • They will not be able to engage in future commercial activity “relating to any Google offering.”
  • The company will pay $750K in fines.
  • The individual executives will pay an additional $100K in fines. Google intends to donate all this money.
  • They are required to notify all customers who were scammed, apologize and confess they were not affiliated with Google.
  • Their executives will be required to certify that they’re complying with the judgment for three years.

Well, it’s not unheard or unusual for us to hear marketers, SEOs and small agencies claim that they are Google partners. Taking advantage of inexperienced business owners.

Google is trying to send a strong message to other such predatory and deceptive marketing firms: We’ll come after you too.


Google: “We Know When Domain Names Change Ownership”.

Buying a domain name to pick up on their rank juice? Don’t bother.

Google understands when domains change ownership. So, it won’t necessarily rank for the queries it used to rank for before the change of ownership.

Hence, if your sole purpose of buying a domain is to get search traffic from the old domain, don’t do it. Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Team suggests against doing so because it brings no benefit!

Well, a very debatable and contentious statement coming from Google, isn’t it? There are several other posts and statements from Google which are contrary to this one and Google’s team is aware of that.

Here are a few such statements:

With this statement, they are just saying that if you are going to offer the same value within the same niche that the domain used to offer prior to change ownership, you will do just fine.

We are not sure what to really make of this and we are keen to hear your thoughts. After all, it’s more of a discussion than anything else. Join the discussion here.


Ready for Affiliate Summit Europe 2019? Because we got our EARLY-BIRD tickets already!

Alright, you don’t get a long break from Affiliate Summit West. That’s because Affiliate Summit Europe is coming up fast, between 12th- 14th March, in Amsterdam. 3 days of sessions and keynotes, The Meet Market, networking and good ol’ affiliate business.

One of those keynote sessions is from none other than Steven Bartlett, the CEO and co-founder of Social Chain Group.

Social Chain Group is Europe’s largest social media and digital publishing house and works with some of the most exciting global brands like ASOS, Amazon and BBC!

Their online media assets reach well over 400 million people, and at ASEURO19, Steven will be talking about how affiliates fit into this digital media space.

That’s just to get you going. There will be more sessions, and we’ll let you know about them later. But we wanted to give you an early update so you can get the early bird pricing for attendee passes, meet market tables and exhibitions booths!

This pricing lasts until Friday 25th January, so you have about 2 days to get it. Just gotta head over to this page!

We’ve already booked our tickets, so you might see us at one of the talks. But more likely you’ll see us chilling in the new relax and refuel zone, getting some foot massages. No joke, the Affiliate Summit team is putting this together for attendees!

OK, you might also see us at the day 2 after-party at the Panama Club. Don’t tell anyone though. We wanna keep our solid image of all work and no play *wink wink*

Grab your passes for Affiliate Summit Europe 19 and we’ll see you in Amsterdam!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Everyone! The egg is hatching!

What egg? The world record egg on Instagram, of course. The one with over 50M likes right now.

The account posted a second and third picture and they show the egg hatching.

Well, we told you what’s gonna come out of it but you thought we were joking, right?

Aside from that, media publications are on the hunt for the people behind this record-breaking egg…

While they do that, we are wondering about 2 other things:

  • How many “world record” attempts did the people responsible have going at the same time as the egg?
  • How much will they charge big brands to run their social media campaigns from now on?


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