Lean into the spirit of popular holidays to create your own…

Here’s a tactic to try: Converting holidays into holiweeks and holimonths.

It goes like this

  • Black Friday -> Black November
  • Christmas and the New Year -> Winter Break 
  • Cyber Monday -> Cyber Week 
  • The Monday after Cyber Monday -> Late Cyber Monday

See the pattern?  

It works: We surveyed more than 400 marketers, and some of the respondents told us that this is a successful tactic they’re using. 

Why it works

Basic psychology. You’re more likely to get people to buy if they feel like they’re getting a deal. 

The “holiweeks” and “holimonths” idea works because you get to increase the number of days that your customers feel like they’re getting a deal—thereby increasing your sales.

Use it with caution, though:

If people feel like your products are always on sale, they may perceive your products as less valuable—or never buy them at full price. 

So try tactics like the one above to boost revenue, but be strategic about your holiday pricing.

Let us know how it goes! 

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