Learn to crush it on Outbrain in Q4: Top CTR ads + best niches revealed. FB’s new feature to find exactly which part of your campaigns breaks its rules. Pinterest’s cam search has >2.5B products for Lens.



A FB marketers’ biggest wish is now happening? Big Blue is also setting up more controls for content!

It seems that Facebook finally sat up and took note of marketers’ complaints so they’re bringing a tool that shows us what we really need to change in our creatives!

There’s also that thing with FB being too much on its own so there’s putting together a “team” to hold them accountable.

Facebook will tell each advertiser why ads are being rejected!

We’ve got some sweet updates that are going to take place soon. They have been shared by Christina Athanasiou, an ex-employee at Facebook who still received helpful and timely info from her ex-colleagues.

Hint: Facebook is introducing new tools to help advertisers understand how to address common violations. Additionally, these tools will help you take action to ensure ads stay compliant.


Wooow! This is something that Facebook advertisers have been waiting for since… Well, forever!

Let’s see the tools.

Account Quality: It was built to empower and educate advertisers on policy violations, featuring a centralized interface that allows you to review all integrity notifications and possible actions for you to take.

The purpose, basically, is to make you take action on your ads in order to stay compliant. One of the features of this tool is requesting a review for multiple ads and campaigns rather than just a single one.

Not only that! “While your ads are under review, you’ll be to monitor progress and learn more about why your ad(s) may not comply with our Advertising Policies.”

Highlighting what really broke the rules in Ads Manager: Another feature FB will introduce to the Ads Manager will identify which part of the ads doesn’t comply with its policies.

Yeeees! You will finally be able to understand exactly which part of your campaign isn’t OK. Your landing page, the image, the thumbnail, the video or the text!

Seems too good to be true!

This will make every Facebook advertiser on Earth very happy indeed! It looks like they have finally started listening to marketers.

Thanks Mark! More importantly, thanks to Christina for sharing the info!

The deal with FB’s oversight

Do you remember us talking about it before?

The goal is to prevent the concentration of too much decision-making to Facebook, create accountability and avoid mixing commercial interests with community interests.

It was January when Facebook started to take action on this project. Now, after many months, the company has released a document that defines the structure of the organization and its relation with Facebook.

To keep the body independent from Facebook, the company is establishing an independent trust: “The Oversight Board, the trust and Facebook will have separate roles and responsibilities, all of which will work to ensure that the board is set up for success”.

You can head here to find more about it.


🧠 This free native ads training and ebook from Outbrain is set to help performance marketers get ready for the holiday season!

It’s the magical, shopping-heavy time of the year, known as Q4… There are more holidays than we can count and they all make shoppers kick it into high-gear. If you’re not preparing, then you’re preparing to fail. So Outbrain is offering all advertisers two special gifts.

1. A webinar that everyone can register for with Bryan Hernandez from Outbrain that takes place on 25th September at 11AM EST. Bryan will go through:

  • Exclusive insights into campaign setup and optimization to combat the fierce competition.
  • Brainy tips and tricks to maximize your seasonal performance.
  • Product sneak peeks: be the first to find out what features you will be able to use next as an advertiser on Outbrain.
  • Live Q&A: ask Bryan your most burning questions about Outbrain, native ads, Q4 and more!

That’s the first gift. The second one is a bonus you can grab right away!

2. A free ebook that exposes the most important advertising data split by key periods in Q4: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.

You will learn:

  • What are the most cost-efficient periods to run ads. Spoiler: It’s not Thanksgiving!
  • Average CTR and CPC for each period.
  • Top 4 verticals for each holiday split by CTR, spend and highest conversions.
  • Strong keywords to use for your ads to evoke the right emotions for each holiday.
  • Image examples with the best CTR for each vertical categorized by holiday.
  • 7 Outbrain hacks to acquire your first time buyers.
  • 5 retention hacks so you make sure customers come to you over and over again.

Register for the free live training here.

Download the ebook here.


Upgraded Lens camera search & shoppable pins for visual search

If you see something, online or offline, you can shop it!

Pinterest announced a new and improved Lens camera search, which allows it to identify more than 2.5B fashion and home products.

How will this work?

Well, imagine that you’re walking down the street and see a product you like, but you can’t think of the right words to describe that product. With this update, you can simply use Pinterest’s Lens camera search and it will tell you what it is and where you can buy it.

Also, if you zoom in to a particular product within a fashion or home-related Pin, you’ll see shoppable Product Pins with current price and a direct link to checkout on the retailer’s site.

You can also save photos from your Lens searches, turn them into a Pin and save them to one of your boards. Pinterest will then use the “Lens’ed” photos to power future recommendations based on these pins.


How is this helpful?

“We see significant value for brands to tap into visual search on Pinterest as it will allow wider discovery by tastemakers and drive meaningful consumer engagements online and off.”

Here are some stats from a recent CSpace Visual Search survey:

  • While shopping, 80 percent of users start with a visual search on Pinterest.
  • 85 percent of these users find such visuals more important than text information.
  • 49 percent of Pinterest users said they develop better relationships with brands via its visual search.

Pinterest is clearly establishing dominance in home and fashion verticals, and it’s a natural fit for marketers working in these verticals. With this new update, it is offering branded Pins more exposure and shortening the customer journey by bridging the gap between product discovery and purchase.


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  • SEO: Yoast released a new version of its WordPress plugin. Might want to check it out!
  • FACEBOOK: Need a custom metric that isn’t in the Ads Reporting? Jon Loomer walks you through the process of creating a custom metric.
  • SNAPCHAT: New 3D filters introduced by Snapchat which change the photo appearance depending on how users hold the phone.


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Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.Opulence for scuba divers

Learn & Remember things the right way

We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.

We think you’ll agree that there is too much information, data, courses, videos, podcasts out there, and we’re probably not using them in the best possible way, right?

Let’s say you’re analyzing a large chunk of data or trying to learn a new skill from an online course… How do you prefer to take notes? Do you use an old school pen and paper technique, or perhaps go the more efficient route of typing it out on your phone or laptop?

Well, what difference does it make? Either way, you’re noting down the important points, right?

Wrong! It turns out that it does matter!

As per this study conducted by Princeton University, taking down notes using a pen and a paper allows you to remember more of what was taught during the class.


It’s called “The Effort Principle”!

The more effort you put into recording a piece of information, the better you will retain it. And this concept has a lot of value in the world of self-improvement, too.

If you’r interested in building this habit, you should test out this Note-Taking-Mini-Habit.

It’s really simple: Carry a small notebook with you, and every time you’re listening to a podcast / audio book or watching a video and you come across that Aha moment where the gears in your head click, something that is a game-changer and makes a lot of sense to you, write down a short summary of it in your notebook.

This method should help you better remember the piece of information and let you utilise it more effectively.

Wanna go a step further? Bring this information up in a conversation with a friend or colleague shortly after noting it down. This habit of teaching someone what you have learned will allow you to retain this information for even longer!

A simple yet effective lesson from the world of self-improvement.


A piano.

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