Let FB’s algo do all your work: $23.5k rev at 2.76x ROAS. Google releases complete details about the $340M for SMB advertisers. Report shows CPCs on major platforms down by 20% to 50%.



Fire yourself and let Facebook do the work


There are a few different updates you should know when it comes to Facebook. Here’s everything you need to know:

+ CBO: It’s not official news, but the buzz is that: Facebook will no longer force CBO. We first read it here and then found it here as well. The ABO fanboys and fangirls will definitely hope this is the truth, but either way this CBO thing is stretching on longer than a J. K. Rowling saga.

+ Letting the algorithm do the work: Here, Savannah Sanchez shared the results she got from a campaign she ran with no targeting, even though the product demographic is usually female, 25-54.

The result? $23.5k revenue on an $8k spend. So that’s 2.67 ROAS.

The point here is that the Facebook algorithm is so smart that you can just let it do all the work on the targeting side. It will do better than you can, although there are some conditions to respect:

  • Enough spend and enough data points.
  • A broad appealing product, otherwise you’ll run out of people.

+ A new audience to target? Facebook is launching a gaming app in the USA as they attempt to beat Twitch and YouTube. Facebook Gaming will focus on live-streaming gameplay.

It has been tested for 18 months in SEA and LATAM. So, we can assume these tests went well if they’re pushing it out into such an important market now.

Where does this move come from? As stated by FB, 700M users already interact with gaming content on the main app. This is definitely aiming to take new users away from Twitch and YouTube and comes at a moment when people are stuck at home with plenty of spare time to spend on their smartphones.

+ Here David Schloss shared an update about what’s working for him during the pandemic: Biz opp and internet marketing education products are going strong, as well as personal development and online exercise. Meanwhile, luxury and impulse-based products are suffering. Check the whole list if you’re interested.


Some businesses are going up. Some down. But CPCs are definitely down

During these crazy times, there are actually two kinds of stories you can find:

Insert Your Name Here is an LA-based company that sells hair extensions and wigs, which are currently in high demand due to people being unable to visit their hair stylists. They have increased their ad spend by 50-100% since the pandemic began, and it was already in the seven-figure range before that.

Expedia Group, the famous online travel company, slashed its ad spend by at least 80% this year to under $1B.

However, this second story mirrors that of a lot of the giant ad spenders. Airbnb, for example, completely shut down its advertising efforts.

The result? Ad costs across all platforms went down, in some cases by as much as 50%. Plus, the more time spent by people on social media channels results in more ad inventory is being generated.

Supply went up. Demand went down. This resulted in a great mixture for companies that wanted to push the ad accelerator.

According to SocialBakers, Facebook CPCs decreased by half from December to March. Twitter? CPC down by 20% to 40%.

Where do you stand? Even if your product might not seem appealing right now, this still looks like a good moment to grow your audience and strengthen your brand.


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COVID-19 can’t stop affiliate marketers learning

The majority of the conferences have either been cancelled or postponed due to the lockdown. It looks like we might not be able to attend any offline events or conferences until the end of the year. Or maybe more, who knows.

Affiliate Summit Europe, which was scheduled for June 3-4, announced postponement of this year’s conference with a heavy heart.

Details will be confirmed over the next few weeks, and they will be directly in touch with all exhibitors, sponsors and attendees with all the details and to answer any questions they might have.

But… but… but… there is one place this freaking virus can’t spread… and that’s online.

Taking advantage of this idea, there are a few events free to join. A good place to start is with Affiliate Business Club’s Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit, which is scheduled for April 26-30.

During this virtual summit, you can learn the tricks of the trade from 20+ leading industry experts, who will show you the tools to use, how to scale ads and how to grow with affiliate marketing. You can register for it here.

Outbrain is also holding a three-part workshop series to help support you through these uncertain times. The first part of this workshop will cover the current COVID-19 trends and actions you can take to benefit during this outbreak.

The first part of the series is scheduled for April 22 at 11am EST and you can register for the event here.

For a more adult industry focused networking event, check out AWMeetup, an online platform where you can come and meet old and new friends alike from the adult and mainstream industry.

This also includes a daily talk show with guests to discuss various topics from the industry and open round tables where anyone can come in and create their own sessions.

AWMeetup is scheduled for 27-29 of April and you can register for the event here.

Happy learning and networking!


  • CHATBOTS: Brah Penyin shared two ready-to-use chatbot templates that allow you to create customer reward points and allow delivery of items based on zip codes.
  • GOOGLE: Detailed information about the $340M ad credit for small and medium sized businesses has been released by Google.
  • SEO: Have you implemented an infinite scroll feature on your websites? Well, it might cause your content to miss out on Google Search Index.
  • YOUTUBE: YouTube announced enhanced analytics capabilities by showing video creators when their audience is most likely to be online.
  • QUORA: Login to Quora Ads interface and you might notice a redesign, including a back end code refresh for better features in the future.
  • GOOGLE: Google is rolling out a new security service to allow remote access to internal systems without using a virtual private network.


The more you take away, the more I become. What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Think and you shall receive


Humankind might not have been able to find a vaccine for the current COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do extraordinary things.

In a major breakthrough, researchers from Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh were able to find a solution to a frustrating problem.

Controlling machines with our minds.

How? They created an AI algorithm that allows the devices to handle the human brain’s fluctuating neuronal activity, without the constant need for recalibration.

This will be especially useful for those who use brain-computer interface (BCI) to control prosthetic devices with their thoughts.

Theoretically, it’d work just like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Except there is no need for a middle-man. You can just interact with your devices using your thoughts, rather than shouting at your phone or smart speakers.

It’s like The Force, except it only works on Droids.

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