MagicAdz unveils the best performing affiliate ads of 2019. Ranking product pages in SERP & going from $6.7k to $11.1k in 3 weeks. David Ogilvy inspired creative framework for crafting high-performing FB Creatives.



David Ogilvy inspired framework to craft high-performing Facebook Ads

We can all agree on the fact that media buying is not a competitive advantage on Facebook. We rely on algorithmic decisions, making creatives the most important aspect. Okay, not absolutely, but creatives really make a big difference, more so today than yesterday!

Sooo, how do we actually craft great creatives? This Twitter thread from Andrew Faris reveals some gems on the topic. He took some old but very popular printed ads as inspiration and showed how to use those old evergreen lessons to get results today. Let’s try to summarize the lessons:

What goes into a competition-beating creative?

  • Great creatives start with the product as the hero and attention-grabbing headlines.
  • After you’ve got users’ attention, you need to sell the product. You can do it in several ways, such as analogies, info and arguments. You can also use different formats such as long-form sales pages, product pages, copy on the initial post and videos.

Okay, just 3 elements: A hero-product image, an attention-grabbing headline and a sales pitch. The interesting thing about this post is that Andrew also shared an example of both an old printed ad and new Facebook Ads.

Among the old ones, one is an ad from David Ogilvy promoting a Rolls Royce. This is a very popular one, and if you Google it you can probably find some breakdowns. For more recent examples, he shared this one from Bambu Earth.

These two ads show how the advertisers totally nailed all three elements, and here’s how you too can do it with video ads.

So, the point Andrew Faris wants to highlight is that there’s no secret sauce to get results from Facebook Ads. What you need is thoughtful execution of the above mentioned framework and then letting the algorithm be your friend.


Cheers to you levelling up your creative game in 2020!


From $6.7k to $11.1k in 3 weeks with authority transfer

Today, we start the SEO section with a case study shared by Keval Shah. He was able to achieve a 65% revenue increase in just three weeks for one of his clients!

What brought in the results? Product page keywords that started ranking on the 1st page of Google.

What made that happen? Very obviously, backlinks. Not just any backlinks though. Backlinks which are:

  • High in authority.
  • Highly relevant to your niche.

The higher the authority of the page, the more likely it is that the page will rank high in Google’s search results.

Following a blog-centric architecture, Keval focused on publishing high-quality content and building backlinks to these pages.

How did this help product pages? Authority transfer. By linking all these highly authoritative blog posts to the product pages it allowed the backlink juice to pass on to the product pages. This, in turn, made them more authoritative and helped them achieve a higher ranking in SERPs.

6 months down the line, one of his product pages has now gained enough authority to rank in Google’s search results and generate sales.


As Keval mentions, it’s essentially a two-for-one deal.


🦉 This magical Facebook Ads spy tool just had a major price change in 2020 and starts at only $99/month!

Here we are in the New Year with the first email of 2020 and we’re already bringing you some excellent news from our long time partners at MagicAdz! Oh, you forgot what they do? Let’s refresh your memory!

MagicAdz is a Social Ads Intelligence Tool that specializes in finding affiliate and e-commerce ads. Powered by AI, MagicAdz cuts through the noise and reveals ROI-positive campaigns to you. Here are the plans you can choose from, starting right away:

MagicAdz Essential for $99/month – for those just starting out

  • Very powerful search: by ads, user comments, redirects, or landing page search including specific HTML code!
  • Big Ad Database: Over 10M ads and continuously gathering insights
  • See campaigns running in over 55 countries, covering every major country
  • Search ads by language in all these countries.
  • Filter by the audience and ad type.
  • Discover ad info and performance.

MagicAdz Pro for $199/month (Use WTAFFMAGIC for 15% off) – for affiliates and e-com owners

  • Everything above plus…
  • One-click filter for e-commerce ads that lead to all popular platforms including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.
  • Filter for affiliate ads only and their verticals.
  • Preview and download pre-landers, including those specially protected ones 😉
  • Download every landing page with page dependencies (images, css, javascript, …) in a .zip

MagicAdz Premium for $299/month (Use WTAFFMAGIC for 15% off) – for teams that need advanced functionality

  • Everything from Essential and Pro plans plus…
  • Personal account manager
  • Top Affiliate Offers section where you can discover the real, most advertised, affiliate-only offers out there, including their ads and landers!
  • Unlimited Download of pre-landers with 1-click.
  • New features that will be launched soon

Uncover all Facebook Ads with MagicAdz right now!

PS: MagicAdz celebrates the new year with a detailed review that revealed The Most Seen Affiliate Ads of 2019 for each month. You can take advantage and see what were the most successful affiliate ads of 2019. Have a free look at what this tool can do, the best ads are open to everyone!


Keep your lists clean and your engagement high

Why don’t we start this year by doing some list hygiene? After all, sending messages to “non-openers” will hurt your deliverability. So, some cleaning would not be bad, huh?

Here’s a post shared by Bostjan Belingar on getting more from your list. It’s made specifically for Klaviyo users. Let’s start with the cleaning part and then move on to the other tips.

List cleaning flow

  1. Create a segment that includes list members receiving campaigns weekly.
  2. Set inclusion in this segment as a trigger for a new flow.
  3. Add a conditional split: At least two bounced messages in the last 30 days. Bouncers are usually very inactive, so two bounces per month is enough to get rid of them.
  4. Set a new Profile Property for all recipients that meet this condition to “DELETE”. Those who fail to meet this condition (have not bounced twice) should be tagged to enter your re-engagement flow.
  5. Next, the flow filters recipients through a second conditional split asking if they have zero opens. A third conditional split determines if their received emails total more than ten sends. Anyone who has not opened any of those ten messages isn’t probably turning into a buyer any time soon, so best to remove that subscriber and avoid harming your deliverability.

Okay, that was the cleaning part. Some other tips to keep your list engaged are:

  • Give unengaged recipients several reasons to get involved. Use webinars, discounts etc.
  • Keep sending time predictable and content unpredictable. Keep a consistent frequency, but always send different kinds of content: informational, promos, humour and personal stories, testimonials.

There we go. Will you double down on email this year?


  • E-COMMERCE: If your e-comm store has customers from Australia, be aware that courier services are disrupted at the moment due to the devastating  forest fires.
  • SHOPPING: Looking ahead into 2020, here are four things Shopping camp managers might want to prepare for in the next 366 days.
  • YOUTUBE: A new feature called “Assisted Trim” is now live, which assists you in  cropping out crucial elements of the content.
  • SEO: Looking ahead, but also looking back. On Twitter, Cyrus shared this list of his 10 favourite SEO posts, tools, patents and guides of 2019.


What time does a tennis player get up?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

NASA stealing WTAFF’s business model

Well, looks like we have a new competitor to deal with.

And not just any random competitor, but space behemoth NASA itself.

In NASA’s new weekly newsletter, they will talk about the latest updates on Artemis Moon missions and share more about what’s new on Earth, the Solar System and beyond.

They announced this on their Twitter account and it caught our attention.

But they lost us just when we visited their website. You know why? Because websites and emails are clearly not their game.

Whichever in-house astrophysicist, aeronautic research guy or freelancer they hired to get the job done is clearly not a very techy guy.

How do we know this? Well, have a look at their landing page. It’s not even a custom URL, but a quick landing page created using Constantcontact platform.


So, as it turns out, they’re really no competitor of ours when it comes to websites and marketing. Maybe they should stick to launching extra-terrestrial missions instead…

But this did make us think a bit… Everybody’s launching newsletters. Will 2020 be the year of a great comeback for newsletters?

If so, we’re already ahead of the game.

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