Malicious Ads placed into Google Calendar notifications: This puts 1.5B Gmail users at risk. Premium offer + BOGO: Dim Niko’s formula to build unique offers for Q4. Go straight to the sale: Product Tags in Facebook Stories.



How to build “An offer your customers can’t refuse”

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you’re probably busy focusing on building some irresistible offers for your clients.

However, almost everybody will end up using the same tired old formulas: Buy one, get free shipping, only pay the delivery, X% off and all the other offers we hear year after year.

So, how can you come up with those offers that make you stand out from the crowd?

Dim Niko suggests creating a premium offer. Basically a BOGO, but a little more complicated.

You offer an awesome product when someone buys into your core offer. But what makes this different from a classic BOGO?

Basically, you don’t sell your core offer. You sell the freebie. So, you promote the premium product by explaining all the benefits and telling your prospects why they need it. Then, and only then, you tell your prospects that they can only get this by buying into your core offer. In doing so, they’ll get that awesome product gratuitos!

Dim Niko did exactly this with his hair extension brand: They gave away a Ponytail Extension valued at $100 with every order. They even have a specific section on their sales page talking about why the Ponytail is so awesome. Then, the page explains that you can get it completely free when ordering their high ticket ($2-400) extensions.

Another example comes from 1992: Sports Illustrated (a sports magazine) offered a “football phone” with every magazine subscription. This offer generated them over 1M sign-ups! Perhaps, like us, you’re too young to remember, but you get the point!


Now you can say it in the style of Don Corleone: I’m gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse…


The more you engage, the more you sell?

Facebook released a bunch of updates for brands and creators, with the aim being to help Pages engage more with users and to introduce new monetization features. Jumping straight to them!

  • Collaborative Stories: This aims to help creators build more exposure on the platform and grow their audiences. This is just for Public Figures though. It gives the ability for multiple public figures to contribute to the same story.
  • Fan Reply Sticker: This allows Pages owners to create a call to action within a Story asking fans to reply with a photo or video. Any responses by fans can then be re-shared to the Page owner’s Story. A nice and easy way to gather user-generated content!
  • Monetization features: In addition to the in-app checkout feature, FB is also expanding the ability to add product tags in FB Stories.
  • Facebook is also testing new features that would surface more creators in the News Feed based on a user’s activity.

These features are mostly aimed at creators rather than e-commerce stores and similar businesses. However, some of them are still valuable, such as the product tags in stories and the Fan Reply Stickers.


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New feature released for manual bidding. Accelerated delivery gets an extension

Surprise, surprise! Google has added a new feature for manual bidding. Plus, Accelerated delivery gets an extra month added to its lifespan.

Conversion value optimization with smart bidding

Considering Google constantly push advertisers towards smart bidding, this might come as a bit of a surprise: Google has extended “Maximize Conversion Value” optimization to manual CPC bidding.

This option will show up when you are using manual bidding and have opted for enhanced CPC (eCPC).

It’s a more simplified version of smart bidding, with the key differences between them being:

  • It doesn’t have a goal of spending your daily budget.
  • You can’t set a target return on ad spend.

It will simply raise your bids for clicks which are more likely to lead to higher conversion value.

So, if you have products or services with different prices, optimizing for conversion value might be a better option than conversions.

Sunsetting of Accelerated Delivery postponed

Have you already moved all your campaigns from Accelerated Delivery to Standard Delivery?

Accelerated Delivery option was scheduled to be removed starting September 17, leaving you with Standard Delivery as the only option.

But guess what? Now you have a bit more time to prepare for the switchover.

Google has postponed the sunsetting of Accelerated Delivery, with the new date being October 7th.

PS: This change is only applicable for Search, Shopping & campaigns using shared budgets.

In order to retain more control over how ads are delivered throughout the day, consider using ad scheduling and increasing or decreasing bids for certain times of the day.


  • MARKETING: Marketing to Gen Z? It’s a hard audience, uh? Well, this report will explain why and give you some tips on marketing to this audience.
  • E-COMMERCE: Ready for the holiday rush? Have a look at the 2019 Holiday shopping predictions and behaviours shared by AdEspresso: What consumers expect, how to engage them and when you should start doing it.
  • SEO: Looking to find the “People also ask” questions from the SERPs without needing an external tool? Pablo Rosales shared this simple tip and a great script for doing just that.
  • FACEBOOK: If you keep encountering issues when trying to schedule your Facebook Page posts, this is FB’s way of telling you to use Creator Studio more often. You can also schedule your IG and IGTV posts using Creator Studio.
  • GOOGLE: Have you seen these malicious ads over Google Calendar notifications? If you have, it’s because of this issue that affected 1.5B users.
  • CRO: Websites are made to browse. Landing pages are made to convert. Have a look at these 13 high converting landers. Make sure to add the ones you like to your swipe file!


If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven’t got me. What am I?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.Opulence for scuba divers

Will humans move here?

We’ve found the waterpark!

It’s not on Earth, nor is it on the Moon. Nope, not Mars either… but someplace else.

It’s the planet of K2-18b, which orbits in the habitable zone of a star, and the temperature is at just the right level to allow for the formation of liquid water.

The only problem? K2-18b is about 110 light years away in the constellation Leo, which is too far to send a probe.

So what’s our option then?

Send out a cry for help to Elon Musk? Nah, we might be asking him for too much. He already has a lot on his plate.


It looks like our only option is to wait for the next-gen space telescopes, which are scheduled for launch in the 2020s. These will allow us to search for gases in the planet’s atmosphere that could only be produced by living organisms.

There is another small problem though… The Red Dwarf Star that the planet orbits around is constantly bombarded with radiation, so it’s not exactly a habitable environment when compared to Earth.

However, the good news is that we’ve discovered an Earth-like planet with an Earth-like water cycle. This means that there are probably many more ‘habitable’ planets out there!


It’s a secret.

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