October 22, 2018


The only Facebook DPA strategy you need for the holiday season

Facebook dynamic-product ads (DPA) are great for remarketing and prospecting. They also prove extremely useful this time of the year. Q4 is holiday-season, the time where people want to buy, you just gotta serve it to them on a silver plate.

And this silver plate is the DPA method that we’re gonna talk about today. But every good marketing strategy begins with…you guessed it, a strategy.

What Andrew Foxwell advises is to divide Q4 into 3 phases.

1. Phase – Now until Thanksgiving week

Focus on message testing through remarketing and Broadmatch Dynamic Ads. This helps with finding potential customers using previous pixel data.

2. Phase – Thanksgiving until Giving Tuesday (27 November)

This one’s simple. Just start pushing best offers/promos/products to your audience.

3. Phase – November 28 until Christmas or last shipping date before (20/21 December)

Focus on hard to beat holiday bundles, free shipping or some other bonus also works well.

You can also extend until the end of the year if you want to promote end-year sales or something like it.

But that’s only halfway through. Holiday product images also help.

Changing some of your product images to give them more “holiday spirit” is important this time of the year. A plain white background is good, but something that looks more exciting is perfect in Q4.

And if you don’t want to mess around with your images because “They are perfect” or any other reason, there is another way!

With the new manual creation tool, you can create a manual product catalog to be used in dynamic ads! Can’t be simpler.

And if even that is kinda too much for you, 
for your own business sake, at least make a holiday product set.

Facebook Attribution for everyone!

After half a year of beta testing, Facebook released Facebook Attribution to all advertisers last Friday.

The tool can report on campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. 

To better understand your audience’s digital journey, you can use cross-device reporting. You will learn on which devices your customers engaged with your ads and where they converted.

These reports will help you better understand the cause and effect of your campaigns. For example, 67 percent of conversions on desktop happened after people interacted with ads on mobile.

You can find Facebook Attribution under the “Measure & Report” section in your Business Manager. Since the tool relies on machine learning, you need to feed it some data before any reporting is available.

The goal here is to paint a more accurate picture of what sort of impact your advertising has, instead of attributing all the results to the last ad your customers interacted with or saw.

Oh, boy, Facebook in trouble again for Brexit…

Just after announcing stricter policies for political ads in the UK, news broke out that Facebook didn’t solve its issues in the UK.

A website called Mainstream Network has been spreading political ads to up to 10 million people in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, the website is most likely in breach of GDPR too, but that’s probably not what you care about…

Here’s why you should care!

This news is likely to put further pressure on how you can use Custom Audiences. It will further push for transparency on who is paying for ads, and what you can do.

We know what you’re thinking – “That’s just for political ads!”. Not quite. If there’s a streamlined system set in place, there’s no reason for Facebook not to expand its checks to more than just political advertisers.

Political ads just put misleading ads in the spotlight. In practice, all possibly misleading and overly-aggressive ads are targeted.

As a funny side note…

The timing for Facebook to hire a politician as Global Policy Chief couldn’t have been better. That politician is Nick Clegg, UK Liberal Democrats former leader. 

So they’ll have a politician speak to the other politicians who want to regulate social media. Smart move by Facebook.


Twitter “one-ups” Facebook for political headlines in the press…

This is where you don’t want to be… It seems one of Twitter’s employees might have spied on user accounts for the Saudi government.

Ali Alzabarah was an employee from 2013 and was fired at the end of 2015 after Twitter investigated but “found no evidence that he handed over the data”.

Yes, this is not extremely relevant for advertisers at first sight. 

Except you have to keep in mind that such events mean stricter rules are coming, with greater consequences. And the result will be less accessibility for advertisers to run ads for their business.

Netflix adds ads, users riot!

Netflix has confirmed a major change to its video-streaming service for some users: video ads for other Netflix series between episodes.

The news spread widely after users reported seeing ads for other Netflix series. And people went nuts, mostly on Twitter: “First advertisement I get, I am cancelling my subscription and will urge my friends and family to do the same.”

But before you ditch your parasite access cancel your Netflix subscription wait and see how bad it really is. It’s not like 8-minute commercial breaks in the middle of a 25-minute show.

Netflix ads are 30 seconds long, they only roll after a 60-minute uninterrupted episode and they are skippable. So far it’s just a testing phase, which means maybe you’ll never see them at all.

The ads might even increase the user experience if the Netflix algorithm does a good job. People spend a lot of time browsing for content they would like to watch.

Good suggestions for similar series or movies could cut the time users spend on browsing significantly.

Netflix shows that ideally, you manage to create a good situation when running ads. Generate value for the advertiser, increase the value for your audience and get some ROI yourself.

That said, you should certainly not just unexpectedly throw ads at people. That’s the main cause for the initial outrage. Simply communicating it to people would have avoided this big fuss about potentially useful suggestions.


Wanna make more out of your lead gen campaigns? GO DIRECT!

OK, so we’re pretty sure a lot of you reading this are quite familiar with generating leads… All sorts of leads.

And you probably also know how many of those leads are monetized… Yep, it’s through surveys!

Well, we have some great news for you! Today’s sponsor is none other than Survey Junkie – one of the world’s biggest market research panels.

What they have to offer is simple, but extremely valuable: a direct offer for a single opt-in email submit that converts between 25 and 50%.

And they’re working with high budgets from Fortune500 companies, so they told us to dare you to hit the cap!

They already know media buyers like yourself have the power. Go show ’em what you got!

Sign up and get that juicy ROI!


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Are you one of the unlucky 75,000?

Some hackers breached the Healthcare.gov system and stole the info on file for ~75,000 people.

It wasn’t the website itself that was hacked but the backend system that agents use…

Still, that doesn’t help those affected who might have info like names, addresses and social security numbers in the hands of hackers.

For how much bad press some platforms get, they are probably still more secure than some government websites… And they contain less sensitive information usually.

If you are in the US, you can definitely feel safe knowing that officials “are working to identify the individuals potentially impacted” and get them notified.

That was certainly not sarcasm…

WHAT THE AFF… has an announcement

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Speaking of which…

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