Step aside, TikTok


Has TikTok outstayed its welcome with… well, the world? Every day, it feels like TikTok’s dominance over short-form video sharing may be coming closer to an end.

Regardless of TikTok’s future, our insatiable appetite for funny, entertaining, and straight-up weird video clips definitely isn’t going away anytime soon. Here are a few companies that are trying to close the gap:

  • Byte, an app started by the co-founder of Vine, received more than 600k downloads in a single day last week. Byte has risen into the top 100 most popular apps in the App Store, and its momentum doesn’t show any signs of stopping.
  • Snapchat is testing a new, TikTok-style UX that allows users to navigate between videos in an eerily familiar fashion, as per Matt Navarra on Twitter.

This is a growing trend – it was just a few weeks ago that Facebook expanded Instagram Reels to India, so we’re sure this won’t be the last we see of companies jumping on the short-form video bandwagon.

With that will come more ad platforms and ad formats. Is it Christmas, already?


Ready for more privacy guidelines?

Let us take a wild guess: you’re probably not. That’s too bad because Google announced updates to their Google Ads data terms, which will go into effect on August 16th.

The new guidelines are due to Brazil’s new data protection law, known as the LGPD, which is probably something you’ll get used to hearing. Google’s entire announcement is pretty long, but here’s what you need to know:

  • You probably don’t have to do anything to accept the new terms. Google says that you won’t need to do anything if existing data protection terms – like the GDPR and CCPA – already form part of your contract.
  • The LGPD is long, but it operates on some core principles. The upcoming law is a complicated one, but some of its core values are giving users the right to access, delete, and be informed about their information and when it’s being collected.
  • Not advertising in Brazil? No problem. The new LGPD guidelines only apply to businesses which are processing the personal data of users located in Brazil. If you’re not advertising there, you shouldn’t need to worry about the new guidelines.

To determine whether you’ll need to make changes, Google recommends getting legal counsel to determine how to comply, and we think that’s great advice. Google also plans to offer product controls that assist with LGPD compliance.


Get 20% lifetime commission for recommending an industry-leading landing page builder


Hey you, did you know you can add a lifetime revenue stream to your business simply by joining the Unbounce Partner Program.

What is Unbounce? A conversions-oriented landing page builder, perhaps one of the best in the world, that requires no coding! What marketer doesn’t need a high-converting landing page, especially without having to code?

That’s what Unbounce was built for! With the Partner Program you can refer Unbounce to your clients, fellow marketers, blog readers or social media followers. It’s an epic affiliate program that pays 20% lifetime recurring commission!

What do you get when you join the program?

  • A dedicated partner coach who is always just an email away.
  • A custom dashboard to track your progress.
  • Handy resources and training materials to help you put your best foot forward.
  • Extra benefits if you happen to be an Unbounce customer too! And why wouldn’t you be? It’s a great tool!
  • A big thank you from the marketers who are able to build high-converting custom landing pages.

The best part? We did the math. You could be making up to $18k per year in recurring revenue for just 50 people.

Start earning today. Join the Unbounce Partner Program.

And if you want to use Unbounce yourself, check out the free 14-day trial here.


How Canva built their way to SERP dominance with a creative SEO strategy


Love it or hate it, Canva is here to stay.

However, what’s almost more interesting than Canva itself is the strategy behind why we’ve all heard of it. The team at Foundation Marketing breaks down Canva’s massive organic search success in a full case study here – these are a few of our favorite insights:

  • Focus on search intent, first and foremost. Searcher intent should drive the creation of your pages, not the other way around. Canva was able to rank well by providing content and answers that specifically met the intent of searchers.
  • Get specific with your pages. Canva makes use of very specific pages – they have individual pages for graduation invitations and wedding invitations, for example – to capture the broadest range possible of organic searches.
  • Generate backlinks by providing useful, free content. Canva received thousands of backlinks to pages where they offered free design templates. Offering useful, complimentary content is a great way to garner backlinks.
  • Create templated landing pages designed to rank & convert. Canva’s landing pages are beautifully laid-out and very specific. The copy on the pages leads customers to buy, and the structure of the pages are perfect for SEO.

Canva might be a $5B business now, but they didn’t start that way. By leveraging a variety of creative strategies, Canva was able to dominate organic searches and build their way to an organic traffic empire.

We’ve scratched the surface with our favorite insights, but the full post is here if you’re interested in checking out all the details. We recommend it – there’s a lot to learn from a company as successful as Canva.


GOOGLE: Fitbit joining Google is not news, right? However, in order to get the deal done and approved by the European Commission, Google promises to not use Fitbit’s data for ad targeting.

ADVERTISING: A new ad from Apple about WFH is taking the internet by storm – the ad is a masterclass in great marketing, and it’s worth checking out.

GOOGLE MY BUSINESS: Long overdue? Google will now begin emailing local businesses when a Google My Business listing has been taken down or suspended.

SEO: Using “noindex,follow” for your links really grinds John Mu’s gears. In other words, if you want search engines to index your pages, please don’t add this to it.

GOOGLE: In a historic move, Google announced that it will spend $10B in India over the next five to seven years in a commitment to a fast-growing market.

MANYCHAT: Smart Links now available for text messages which means you don’t have to always replace the URL when you change a step all the time. SMS game strong?


How many seconds are there in one year?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Any car people out there? The Ford Bronco is back and better than ever


Ford just announced what might be the perfect vehicle for your offroad adventures.

Yes, the 2021 Ford Bronco was put on display yesterday, and it’s probably everything you could’ve hoped for. The new Bronco is built for adventuring off the beaten path, and it’s one of the coolest-looking new vehicles on the market.

There’s a reason this announcement is such big news – the last Ford Bronco rolled off the manufacturing line in 1996, making the new models the first in more than two decades.

If you’re a fan of the new design, now’s the time to start dreaming about your future adventures, as you’ll be able to get your hands on the car in less than a year. Hopefully, at a time when COVID-19 is a thing of the past.

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