Playing in Google’s Privacy Sandbox


You can give up on the thought of third-party cookies, and not just because of Apple: Chrome’s getting in on the action, too.

If you regularly read our newsletter, you’ll know that Google did come up with an alternative they named the Privacy Sandbox.

There are more questions than answers about how this will work but Digiday gives us some insights in this article.

The important part: You will still be able to (mostly) use first-party data with Google after the Chrome update that removes third-party cookies.

There are still many questions where the answer isn’t clear. Especially how FLEDGE and FLoC come into play with everything.

The key part is that one-to-one tracking or targeting seems to be going away based on the current info.


You can now stop others from ripping off your Facebook Ads


This is a very welcome update for Facebook advertisers – you can better protect your ads with the image search functionality.

With this new brand safety tool, you can upload an image and the results will show content that matches that image.

You do have to apply to use this tool, it’s not publicly available to all advertisers at the moment.

You have to submit information about your trademark to get access, otherwise it would be too easy to abuse this system.

There’s also a content-related update: If your content is published by another page, you can opt to claim and collect ad earnings on copyrighted content. This sounds very similar to YouTube’s system.


Dreaming about the perfect reporting dashboard?


Clarisights is looking for bright marketing minds to uncover the challenges and opportunities that marketers face in trying to deliver truly cross-channel reporting and dashboarding.

Take this 3-minutes survey and you’ll not only help build a better ecosystem for marketers but also have the chance to win a fully paid course from The Marketing Technology Academy.

Once the survey period is over, Clarisights will use the inputs to paint a clearer picture on the state of reporting, marketing’s relationship with business intelligence, common pains, how unified people feel their reporting stack is, and more.

Join marketers from brands like BT, H&M, Glovo, Activision, Delivery Hero and take 3 minutes to give your input.

Answer the survey here.


Business lessons from an apartment developer


These are some lessons shared by Moses Kagan. He’s an apartment developer, but these ideas are universal and apply to marketing as well:

  • Wealth comes from solving problems. You can solve small problems for many people, big problems for few people, or big problems for lots of people. But, avoid solving small problems for a few people. This is possibly the most valuable lesson from Moses. And it’s very applicable to marketing, whether you’re launching a new product, entering a new niche, or testing an advertising angle.
  • Figure out how to work for yourself as soon as you can. But if you work for someone else, figure out how they make more money and help them make more of it.
  • Seeks positions in the part of an organization that brings money. Sales, acquisition, and capital raising are examples. Cashflow is the oxygen of every business. Focus your marketing efforts on areas that generate it. And learn to sell, no matter your profession.
  • Give people bad news promptly. But ideally, you want to give bad news only when you have found a solution or suggestion to fix that problem.
  • Be a long-term owner of assets. Buying and selling frequently will vaporize capital. This is mostly about investing. But for online businesses, it is kind of the same thing: In the long term, assets (whether it’s content or an email list) brings in money.
  • Take a few accounting classes. And, at the beginning of your career, find a great bookkeeper and keep that person around.
  • Thank your employees often. You can use words or bonuses that are not necessarily made of cash.
  • All people go through ups and downs. Be tolerant of their down periods, but not indefinitely.
  • Nobody is going to solve your problems. You can get advice and help. But in the end, you’ll be working it out on your own.

Hopefully, this post made you a wiser marketer or entrepreneur.


SEARCH: Big G didn’t like that post about zero-click searches. Here’s their answer. Long story short, every year Google sends more clicks to websites.

FACEBOOK: Want to know if the emojis you used in your post got you in trouble with Facebook’s moderators?

WEB: The present is already mobile, in case you weren’t sure. This report by Perficient has some very interesting stats on mobile vs desktop usage in 2020.

TWITTER: There’s going to be an edit bu… No, never mind, it’s just searchable direct messages.

SEARCH: When it comes to local businesses and search, reviews are extremely important. These are 4 trends to watch in 2021 when it comes to reviews.


The more of this there is, the less you see of it. What is it?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

‘Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?’


Fifteen years after tweeting it, Jack Dorsey has sold the first ever tweet as an NFT (non-fungible token) for just over $2.9M.

We honestly have more questions than answers…

Let’s try to explain how this works: There’s a service called Valuable where you can “mint” the tweet on the blockchain and create a one-to-one version of it.

And this is where the questions come already:

  • Doesn’t the original tweet still belong to Jack or Twitter because it is “minted” in Twitter’s database at a certain date, 15 years ago? Yes, it does and you only buy a “digital certificate”.
  • Can the new owner actually tweet it or is it just like a painting that they can show off? Nope, you can just literally show it off as a painting or sell it to someone else.
  • What will be the next crazy tweet sold as NFT? Probably Elon Musk’s tweet.

Well, there you go… If you thought the NFT hype was over after that Beeple creation sold for over $69M, you were wrong.

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