The Traffic Farming Method: Making $1.15M revenue with $385k ad spend = 28% net margins. FB Rep updates: Dynamic Format Creatives + Automated Ad Translation. The ultimate Lead Scoring method: Get rid of irrelevant leads from your campaigns.



Direct from my rep: Dynamic Format Creatives, Automated Ads Translation and more

Hola! Yet another round of updates from Facebook Reps. This time, it’s been shared by Andrew Foxwell. These new developments are related to the implementation of Machine Learning, and they definitely look interesting!

Let’s check them out:

+ Dynamic ads – dynamic formats and ad creative: You can use this option to allow the ad system to show different ad formats and creatives to different people based on what they’re most likely to respond to.

So, if a person responds better to Carousel Ads, FB will show to that user a Carousel Ad. Wow! Not only is Facebook serving the best creatives, but it will also optimize the highest converting ad format for each customer!

+ Single-media ads – multiple text optimization: You will be able to input multiple text options for the primary text, headline, and description fields when creating single-media ads for traffic, app installs, and conversions objectives.

The system will then optimize the variations of text to give you the best results, all based on individual preferences and machine learning.

+ Single-media ads – add auto-translated languages: When you choose to “Add languages” in Ads Manager for your cross-border ads, you will now be able to leverage auto-translation.

This way, you can now reach out to worldwide customers in their native language, without having to do your own translations. This is great too, although we gotta see how accurate the translations really are before buying into this.

+ Single-media ads – dynamic display of link description: Starting November 1, Facebook will start showing the link description field in the footer of all new and existing single-media ads in the Facebook News Feed, but only when it would resonate with the person viewing it.

Finito! Sound like interesting updates, right? Dynamic Product Ads to give better results and the option of letting Facebook optimize the ad format takes creative optimization one step further. Ultimately, it takes some of the workload off advertisers!

Yet another step toward that hands-off advertising. Mark really wants to help you live the dream 😉 😉




Chatbots, Amazon and compliance answered

How many of you are selling on Amazon? Are you already leveraging chatbots as part of your funnel? If you are, here’s a helpful FAQ put together by the Botfather Rutger Thole that you might find useful.

It’s a 4 part FAQ series, so it makes for an easy read. Diving quickly into them:

+ Q: Does the 24h + 1 message rule only apply within flows or for sequences for the entire conversation between my Facebook page and the users?

– A: The 24h + 1 message rule applies across the board. When the 24hr window is closed, you will see a notification in live chat. Here’s what you’ll see for 1:1 messaging.

“This subscriber has interacted with your page more than 24h ago. You can only send them a message to respond to a customer service issue surfaced in a Messenger conversation”

Hence, when broadcasting you need to select the follow-up broadcast which will automatically filter the eligible +1’s.

+ Q: Suppose you want to ask your Amazon customers for a review 11 days after they’ve opted-in via a QR code. Should you do this with a delay of 11 days within the flow or via a sequence? And why?

– A: There are multiple ways to do this. You should set up a rule for this that fires 11 days after the user opted into your flow. This is a clean and easy way.

Additionally, you can also do the same with a sequence of smart delays.

+ Q: Is the question for a rating on Amazon or the question of how satisfied your customers are setup using the product promotional content?

– A: If your ” how satisfied are you?” question is sent as a +1, it qualifies as a promo and you don’t have to apply a message tag as it is not sent as a non-promo broadcast.

When these kinds of messages are sent to the subscribers who are not eligible to receive a +1 message, the message should be sent as a non-promo broadcast with one of the available message tags.

This documentation clearly states that the “POST_PURCHASE_UPDATE” tag cannot be used to prompt users to a survey, poll, or review.

+ Q: If you would like to send your Amazon customers some helpful information via Manychat, can this be automated with a sequence or within a flow?

– A: As mentioned above, anything beyond the 24 +1 needs to be non-promotional. You will have to apply a related message tag to the message and a user has to opt-in to receive these messages. Though, when you check the available message tags, you might not find a related tag for this.

Want to get into the details of subscription messaging, need more help, or got a specific question that’s not covered above? Hit Rutger up on his post here.


🛳 Special Invitation from TopOffers and ProfitSocial to AWA19’s yacht party: Here’s how to join!

Will you join Affiliate World Asia 2019? If yes, there’s an event you must know about.

TopOffers & ProfitSocial are throwing a private yacht party! Near Bangkok, on December, 6 2019. A mix of champagne, sea breeze, an island and business with the TOP Affiliate Crew. Now these are the conference parties we love!

Who are TopOffers and ProfitSocial you’re asking? TopOffers is a premium CPA network, that can get you access to exclusive dating offers in more than 50 countriesProfitSocial is a Smartlink platform direct from the advertiser. They own the exclusive rights to a number of top dating products and it automatically adjusts to give you the best eCPM.

And they’re calling the best affiliates to join their yacht party. Tickets are limited so not everybody can join because it’s not Noah’s Affiliates Ark ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. To get an invitation:

  1. Sign up to TopOffers and ProfitSocial.
  2. Register for the contest using this form.
  3. Drive as much traffic as you can from now until December 1st.
  4. You have to be an affiliate. No affiliate networks, sorry.
  5. Verify the quality of traffic by your manager.

The top spenders will get an invitation to their emails and will be informed at the beginning of December. Traffic for all verticals apply. Curious what are some of the offers available for you? We’ve got you:

  • Dating: GibMirSex – SOI DE – Payout: web $4.0, wap $3.5
  • Benaughty – SOI JP – Payout: wap $5.5;
  • Sweeps: iPhone Xs Max IT + Airpods – CC submit – Payout: $20.0
  • Cams: Flirt4free AU/CA/NZ/UK/US – DOI – Payout: up to $4.0
  • Asto:Taoma 30+ FR/BE/CA/CH/DO – SOI Payout: $1.3
  • Games: Free Adult Games EN/FR/DE/IT/NO/ES/PL/RU/SE – PPS – Payout: up to $70.0

So, register in the contest before other affiliates join. Send that traffic to TopOffers & ProfitSocial’s offers… And have the best yacht party with the TOP Affiliate Crew!

PS: Do not forget the sunscreen!


The traffic farming method: Scaling to $1.15M – 3x ROAS

The headline already explains the outcome, so let’s just dive straight into this case study. It was shared by Ryan Steenburgh, and he shows exactly how he achieved such incredible results.

The store is in the male beauty niche and AOV is around $62.

How much did they spend here? $385k, accounting for $1.15M in revenues and net margins of 28%.

+ Top of the funnel strategy: The main focus in this phase is getting traffic for the lowest possible cost, while still optimizing for Purchases. In TOF camps, Ryan focuses on getting at least to the break-even point so he can be positive while retargeting. This is what he means when he says Traffic Farming.

Campaign structure looks like this:

  • Ad set 1: Site LLA 1%. Site LLAs contains All Website Visits, View Contents, Add to Carts, Purchases.
  • Ad set 2: Site LLA 5%. The seeds audiences are the same as the previous one.
  • Ad set 3: Page LLA 1%. Page LLAs contain all All Page engagements, any post or ad engagements, and video views.
  • Ad set 4: Page LLA 5%. The seeds audiences are the same as the previous one.
  • Ad set 5, 6, 7: Interest.
  • Ad set 8: Wide Open.

4 Creatives per ad set: Carousel Ads, Video Ad, single Image Ad and Collection Ads.

The copy used leverages a promise, a major benefit or a pain point. Here’s an example:


+ Middle of the funnel strategy: Here Ryan runs 1-minute long Video Ads almost exclusively. Again, Conversions camps optimized for Purchase. This is the structure:

  • Ad set 1: Video Views 25%.
  • Ad set 2: Video Views 50%.
  • Ad set 3: Video Views 75%+.
  • Ad set 4: All IG Page Engagement.
  • Ad set 5: Any IG Post Or Ad Engagement.
  • Ad set 6: All FB Page Engagement.
  • Ad set 7: Any FB Post Or Ad Engagement.

Ryan excludes website visitors from all these audiences. He only wants to target people that know the brand but haven’t clicked through to the website yet. CBO campaigns to let FB do the work.

For creatives, they only run 4 different videos and use 3 different copy angles with 3 different headlines. The only thing variation in the copy is the first line, with the rest of the copy being the same across the board.

If you hit the break-even point in the TOF camps, you should definitely go ROI-positive here.

Bottom of the funnel: The audiences hit here are:

  • AWV 7 Day (All website visitors), AWV 30 Day, AWV 180 Day.
  • View Content 7 Day, View Content 30 Day, View Content 180 Day.
  • ATC 7 Day, ATC 30 Day, ATC 180 Day.
  • Purchases (All time), Purchases (Last 7 Days), Purchases (Last 30 Days).

Yes, Ryan says that targeting repeat buyers in the BOF phase makes him a lot of Benjis. The goal is to make them come back.

Plus, the 180 days audiences are grouped into one ad set and run again in the TOF campaign. The purpose is to get them back into the funnel.

Here we are. That was a solid breakdown uh?

Hopin’ it gave you some new ideas!


  • SEO: Visit your Search Console to find two new reports for insights on the performance of your videos in Google search and to help you fix issues with your videos displaying in Google Search.
  • E-COMMERCE: Alex Fedotoff shares his step-by-step process of how he generated over $1.7M in 4 months with a single Shopify store.
  • INSTAGRAM: IG finally kills the useless “Following” tab that allowed users to stalk their friends and followers. This should have been done before, but better late than never.
  • FACEBOOK: FB launches “Good Questions, Real Answers” – A space for advertisers to find answers to their questions about the tools, policies, and processes from the people who actually work on them.
  • LEAD GEN: Getting loads of leads from your campaigns but they suck goats? Here’s how you can setup lead scoring data right in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager.
  • SEO: Beginning of the end of URLs in SERPs. No domain name, no TLDs – that’s what Google’s been testing lately. Check out how bald the SERPs look without them.


When young, I am sweet in the sun.
When middle-aged, I make you gay.
When old, I am valued more than ever.

What am I?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Innovative, 10-figure strategies to destroy your competition

Competitor analysis, spying on their landers and ads, BH tactics, copying their backlinks strategy… All that is fine, but just how far are you willing to go to really beat the hell out of your competitors?

Certainly not as far as this business owner didAnd we’re glad about that.

37-year old Tammy Steffen is a mother of 4 and a fitness guru based in Florida. She “wreaked havoc” on her competitors by using 369 dummy IG accounts, 18 different email addresses and voice-disguising tools to harass her competitors and stage a kidnapping.

In fact, one of her competitors/victims happens to be her ex-business partner.

Some examples of her messages include:

  • “I plan to slice you up into little pieces”.
  • “Your blood shall I taste.”
  • “All hell is gonna rain fire down on your world like never seen before, I’m coming”


It’s almost retarded, but okay whatever works for her.

Why did she resort to such stupid stuff? Hear this: She lost an online fitness contest and believed that her ex-business partner sabotaged her in the competition.

She levels up from her rookie game by fake-reporting to authorities that someone left a headless baby doll on her porch with a chilling note – “New toy for the kids”. Then, to scale her campaigns, she fake-reports the kidnapping of her daughter.

What got her fake account banned? During the investigation, her little daughter slipped out with this question: “What would happen to her mother if she told the truth?”

She has now been arrested on charges of filing a false police report, tampering with evidence and child neglect.

Being passionate about your business is all good. Completely losing your mind is not.



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