New feature helps you choose where not to place ads



Yep, you read that right.

Twitter announced Adjacency Controls – a feature that should help you prevent ads from appearing above or under tweets containing keywords you’d rather avoid.

Keep calm and run ads: Twitter is looking for ways to assure advertisers they can still promote their brands despite “moderation concerns.”

If you’re worried your ads may appear alongside hate speech or similar stuff in “relevance-ranked Home Timelines,” this is one way to prevent potential brand damage.

Who can use it: The update is currently available only to adjacent Tweets in English, with other languages joining “shortly.”

Partnering up: Twitter is also adding Double Verify and Integral Ad Intelligence to their partner list, which should provide independent validation of GARM Brand Safety floor placements.

… Another method for preventing unsafe ad servings.

Why we care: If you run Twitter Ads, it’s another feature that can give you more control of where your ads show up.

Some things are better off not being automated, you know?

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